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125 Catchy Shampoo Slogans and Taglines

The hair care industry has seen a 3% expansion in 2012, adding revenue upwards to $49 billion with 15 billion units sold. By 2015, the market is expected to hit almost $58 billion. This would provide the industry with a 18% expansion in just five years. Currently the EU holds 35% of the global market share with Procter & Gamble holding the top global position with more than 24% of the overall market value. The following selection of shampoo slogans have been seen in past hair advertisements and meant to inspire your own unique tagline.

A Breath of Fresh Air For Your Hair.
A Care Full of Nature.
A Crystal Touch For Your Hair.
A life full of Beauty.
A Moments of Shiny Hair.
A more elegant.
A power that cares you.
A shampoo so rich you only need to lather once.
A totally organic experience.
Add Some Shine to Your Style.
Always smooth.
An incredible rebirth for hair.
Be Beautiful Today.
Be Dynamic.
Be Everyone Today.
Be everyone you are.
Be Young ,Be Charming.
Beautiful hair is my look.
Because you’re worth it.
Choose only Curly Hairs.
Dandruff, What is That?
Do the style. Not the damage.
Everyday, is A Good Hair Day.
Expert care for demanding hair.
Expert Care For Your Hair.
Extra volume shampoo.
Feed scalp. Feed beauty.
Fights germs. Fights dandruff.
Find your blend.
For hair that shines with all its strength.
For Hair That You Love.
For healthy scalp and hair.
For radiantly alive hair.
For the healthy hair you love.
Fresh Life, Fresh hair.
Full of Exceptional Hair Care.
Full of Wildest Fantasies.
Get A Silky And Smooth Touch.
Get Extra Volume of Your Hair.
Get The Next Level Shampoo For Your Hair
Get The Secret Hair Therapy.
Give your hair just the right level of care.
Hair Beauty Full of Nature.
Hair fail control.
Hair so healthy it shines.
Hair So Strong. So Long.
hair that shine your day.
Haircare for the real world.
Have you had your daily serving?
Healthy Hair is Your Choice.
Healthy makes it happen.
Healthy natural dynamic.
Healthy Scalp for Healthy Life.
Healthy, shine….
I have switched, naturally.
I never knew you had dandruff.
Irresistibly Smooth.
Its Smart Women’s Choice.
Just Fabulous Hair.
Let nature go to your head.
Let the best of you shine through.
Let Yourself Bright.
Let’s Your Beauty Breathes.
Life is better with a little texture.
Live flake free.
Longer. Stronger. Better.
Makes hair stronger.
Making Your Hair Happy.
My glory from your style.
My Hair, My Passion.
Never dries, it beautifies.
No dandruff. Just fabulous hair.
No more tears.
Not Just Imagine. Prove That.
Nourished hair. Beautiful hair.
Now you can say goodbye to frizz.
Our glory from your style…
Protection for Hair.
Prove It Yourself.
Redefine The Hair Beauty.
Refresh Yourself Today.
Repair and Protect.
Revitalize yourself.
Right Level of Care.
Rock Your Hair Today.
Rock your senses.
Say goodbye to tangles.
Sexy Silk Full of Bottle.
Shine is Full of Love.
Shine the future.
So beautiful, charms from the inside out.
So Bright, So Charmy.
Spirit that so Strong.
Splash of Dew.
Spread The Love With Your Hair.
Stay faithful.
Stay Shine With Fine.
Step out beautiful everyday.
Strong is beautiful.
Stronger hair. Stronger you.
Stronger. Shinier hair inside out.
Super Shine is Super Fine.
Switch to Nature Today.
Take care.
Take your hair to paradise.
That’s how confident.
The Best And Perfect Care.
The Bright Hair For Bright Future.
The bright hair I like.
The deeper conditioner.
The joy of best hair.
The King of Royal Care.
The king of royal jelly.
The secret of beautiful hair.
The Secret of Long Hair.
The unbeatable body building system.
Turn heat into beautiful hair.
Unbottle your wildest fantasies.
Unleash the beauty of nature.
Wear your hair with pride.
We’re worth it too.
Where your beauty breathes.
You try, you decide.
You won’t believe it’s a dandruff shampoo.
You’ll love your hair.
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