33 Catchy Shampoo Slogans and Taglines

The hair care industry has seen a 3% expansion in 2012, adding revenue upwards to $49 billion with 15 billion units sold. By 2015, the market is expected to hit almost $58 billion. This would provide the industry with a 18% expansion in just five years. Currently the EU holds 35% of the global market share with Procter & Gamble holding the top global position with more than 24% of the overall market value. The following selection of shampoo slogans have been seen in past hair advertisements and meant to inspire your own unique tagline.

A more elegant.
A shampoo so rich you only need to lather once.
Always smooth.
Beautiful hair begins with _____.
Extra volume shampoo.
For radiantly alive hair.
Hair fail control.
Healthy makes it happen.
Healthy natural dynamic.
Healthy, shine….
I have switched, naturally.
I never knew you had dandruff.
Let yourself shine.
Life is better with a little texture.
Longer. Stronger. Better.
Makes hair stronger.
My glory from your style.
Never dries, it beautifies.
No dandruff. Just fabulous hair.
Our glory from your style…
Prove it yourself.
Rock your senses.
Silk moisturizing hair shampoo hair once complete, elegant hair soft.
So beautiful, charms from the inside out.
Take care.
That’s how confident.
The bright hair I like.
The unbeatable body building system.
Turn heat into beautiful hair.
When your body’s in great condition, it should show.
Where your beauty breathes.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
You try, you decide.

For those that spent countless hours and money maintaining the beauty of their hair, the following interesting list of facts about your hair may get you thinking about its many useful characteristics. Human hair can be used to make additives that is found in food such as pizza crusts and bagels, as well has found to be used for amino acids in soy sauce production.

Interesting Facts About Hair