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125 Catchy Cupcake Slogans and Great Taglines

A list of 125 cupcake slogans used by well known bakers around the United States. These taglines are designed to communicate the delightful taste and satisfaction associated with eating cupcakes.

A bite of Goodness.
A bite of Heaven.
A family tradition continues.
A little cupcake goes a long way…
A little sweetness of heaven.
A matter of taste.
A sense of Sweetness.
A Slice Of Heaven.
A small, sweet treat that’s fun to eat.
A State of Joy.
A sweet thought for all occasions.
Be Sweet, Taste Sweet.
Beauty Is Cake.
Brighten Your Day.
Cake Desires Met Here.
Cake in the box is better.
Cake is my superpower.
Cake that is full of surprises.
Cake that Spreads Joy.
Cakes handcrafted with care.
Choose Fresh Not Frozen.
Come taste the paradise.
Create a Cup Cake Rainbow.
Cup of Goodness.
Cupcake heaven awaits.
Cupcakes make people happy.
Cupcakes take the cake.
Cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and more.
Delectable delights for special occasions.
Don’t worry… we’ve made more.
Eat Today.
Enhance you True Desire.
Every bite’s a winner!
Everyday is a cupcake day.
Feel Wilderness in your Cake.
For a sweet treat.
For coffee and cakes, we have what it takes.
For the sweetest occasion ever!
Forever more cupcakes.
Forever Sweet.
Friends are like cupcakes in my pantry of memories.
Full of Cake.
Homemade cakes, cookies, pies, oh my!
Innovative Cake.
It’s delicious with no dishes.
It’s like tasting a rainbow in every bite.
It’s paradise in every bite.
Its Moments of Joy.
It’s what your heart desires.
Just one bite and you’ll be in Paradise.
Keep calm and have a cupcake.
Legalize frostitution.
Let Us Cure Your Sweet Tooth.
Let’s Be Cakolicious!
Let’s Taste again and again
Let’s Have Cake.
Let’s Serve More Cake.
Life… A Little Sweeter.
Little bits of heaven.
Little cakes with a great big taste.
Live for glamour.
Love at First Bite.
Made from scratch. Baked fresh. Simply delicious.
Made with love.
Make Cupcakes… Not War.
Make people happy… Serve more cake.
Mini cakes on the run.
Mobile bakery… See you on the road.
More than cupcakes.
My cupcake brings all the boys to the yard.
Open your Cake-Hole!
Organic sugar… makes it sweet.
Our Cupcakes are better than our name.
Our taste is Light-year ahead of the rest.
Paradise in a cup.
Paradise is only a cupcake away.
Piggy is the new skinnie.
Playfully unique cupcakes.
Practice random acts of cupcakes.
Rainbow color on every spoon.
Rock and Roll with your Cake.
Rock out with your cupcake out.
Seriously addictive cupcakes & cakes!
Sharing Cakes Makes Memories.
Simply Delicious.
Something sweet to enjoy.
Sprinkled with smiles.
Sweet is our Specialty.
Sweet Things for the Party.
Sweets. Treats. Celebrations.
Taste beyond expectation.
Taste of romance.
Tastefully sweet. Playfully unique.
The best for you.
The cherry on top.
The Magic of Baking.
The making of sugar sweet sunshine.
The Perfect Blend.
The recipe to happiness.
The rise of the cupcake.
The sweetest place on earth.
The Ultimate Taste Machine.
Today, It’s Cupcake Day.
Unique, Playful, and Delicious.
We bake to delight your tastes.
We design delicious.
We make cupcakes for you.
We make it you take it.
We make your taste buds erupt!
We Sprinkle the Smile.
We take the cake.
We’ll bake your day.
We’ll Make Your Tummy Smile.
What makes a great cupcake?
When only the best will do.
Wild about cupcakes.
Yes, It’s Yummy.
You are cake fabulous.
You are the Icing on My Cupcake.
You will never forget.
Your Dream. Our Cake.
Your Friendship Deserves This.
Your taste, Our love.
Yummy in my tummy.
Yummy tummy treat shop.
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The below infographic outlines the statistics and trends associated with the growing cupcake industry. This niche market has been a growing segment for the last half decade growing to a marketplace of over 400 cupcake outlets throughout the United States. Over 770 million cupcakes were consumed in the past year.

Cupcake Industry Statistics and Trends

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