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33 Fantastic Birthday Messages for Sisters

Sisterly love is something that exists between sister that exuberates expression of kindness and love for one another. Many sentimental words such as affection is associated with sisterly love. On your sister’s birthday, finding the right message that communicates your feelings is important. The following birthday messages for sister are listed below to help inspire you.

Awesome birthday gifts can be hard to find. Awesome sisters like you are impossible to find.

Best wishes today to the only girl I like to dress in princess clothing with.

Birthday cake is always good. A sister with a birthday cake is great. Happy Birthday.

For every candle on your cake, this brings a wish to you For lots and lots of happiness in everything you do, and as you add a candle to your Birthday cake each year, so will a wish be added to the wishes written here. Happy Birthday, Sister

Friends may come and go but sisters should always be around. Happy Birthday.

Happy B’Day and I apologize in advance for the Christmas wrapping paper.

Happy Birthday my Lovely Sister To have a sister is to gain a lifetime companion, who loves you, simply because you’re you.

Happy Birthday to the woman who taught me that glittery underwear is the best accessory.

Happy Birthday to you big sister and congratulations on becoming the hottest cougar I know.

Hey you are my sister. Of course I believe you are THAT age. Happy Birthday.

I don’t talk to you every day any more, but you are still in my heart every day. Happy Birthday Sister.

I have always valued your good advice. Somebody in the family has to be responsible. Happy Birthday.

I like you so much that I put your photo in my wallet instead of that attractive one that came with it. Happy Birthday.

I never wanted to be an only child because I always wanted you to be my sister. Happy Birthday.

I should celebrate your birthday instead of you because on the day that YOU were born, I got a great present.

If I could have another chance to choose my sister, I would choose you every single time because I love you so much.

Sisters don’t have to be fun to be around, but it is great when they are. Happy Birthday.

Sometimes you fight with sisters, but you always make up. Sisters are keepers. Happy Birthday.

Superheroes are one in a million. Great sisters like you are one in a lifetime. Happy Birthday.

Thanks for being a great sister and understanding me, although I have never quite understood you. Happy Birthday.

Thanks for being the soundtrack on my reality show. Happy Birthday Sis.

There are a lot of sisters in the world, but you are without a doubt the best. Happy birthday.

There is only one place where I can keep my every strength, my every weakness, my every secret safe. It’s in my sister’s heart. Happy Birthday to my wonderful Sis.

They say that a sister is a different flower from the same garden – and the sun was shining on your side. Happy Birthday.

They say that you can choose your friends but that you can’t choose your family. I sure lucked out. Happy Birthday.

We have shared laughs and feelings and picked each other up when we’re down. I hope there are many more laughs to come. Happy Birthday.

Wishing you another year of great adventure and unpredictable life surprises.

You are everything that I could have asked for in a sister and more. I don’t which of us is luckier. Happy Birthday.

You are one more year wiser and about two minutes away from grabbing a cocktail.

You are the best sister that I have ever had. Even in my imagination. Happy Birthday.

You are the strongest, most beautiful and amazing person inside and out I know. I am proud to call myself your sister. Happy Birthday.

You can’t stop having birthdays and you can’t stop being my sister. And those are both good things. Happy Birthday.

You have always been my partner in crime, but you are going to have to do this getting older thing all by yourself. Happy Birthday.

You might be a year older outside but you will always be my little sister. Happy Birthday.

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