31 Funny Fishing Team Names

The fishing industry has seen increasing demand in participating due to leisure and effective marketing. With new tools and gadgets that make your time on the water more enjoyable and comfortable, more people are wanting to escape and fish. While an average of 48% of Americans lie awake at night due to stress, being near the water is proven to actually decrease anxiety. A selection of funny fishing team names has been collected below from existing fishing teams to help encourage your participation.

Anchor Management
Badlands Bass Bandits
Bass Finatics
Butts Bass Busters
Drive 4 Five
Dumb Bassers
Feelin’ Nauti
Fish Stalker
Fish Tales
Five Alive Bassmasters
Georgia Peaches
Happy Hookers Bass Club
Happy Ours
Hydrilla Gnats
Jack Daniels Bassmasters
Layin in Wake
Liquid Asset
My Three Suns
One Moor Time
Reely Mine
Sea Ray Play
Serenity Now
Slip Away
Southern Outcasts
Team 911
Wet Dream
Yes Dear

The following infographic lays out statistics and trends of fishing and boating activities in the United States. An estimated 90% of children who spend time outside claim the surrounding nature helps them to relieve stress. Educators also agree that students and children that spend time outdoors become more creative and better problem solvers. More Americans fish in the United States than they participate in playing basketball and football combined.

Fishing Trends and Statistics