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31 First Rate Humor Blog Names

Enjoying some daily humor is a great way to burn calories with some humor. These great humor blog names from existing bloggers are just some examples to the type of creative entertainment that is made available on the internet. These serve as a great example to the type of blog you can one day create for yourself.

Awesomely Luvvie
College Humor
Cracked: All Posts
Dilbert Daily Strip
Dump a Day
Fail Army
Faking News
Funny or Die
Hot Ghetto Mess
Joke of the Day
Jumbo Dump
Just For Laughs Gags
Let’s Put Da
Love This Pic
Motherwise Cracks
My Name Is Not Molly
Pajamas and Coffee
Profound Ponderings
Sad and Useless Humor
The Bloggess
The Chive
The Family Farce
The Good, Clean Funnies List
The Hillywood Show
The Junk Drawer
The Onion

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