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31 Fascinating Reddit Demographics

When listing social networking sites, most people will have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, or maybe even LinkedIn on their lists. The one that is often missing is Reddit, but that’s likely because this social network, news, and entertainment site has some very specific demographics who use it.

6% of all US-based internet users have visited Reddit at least once, but men are 3x more likely to have done so when compared to women.

It is believed that a substantial part of Reddit’s demographics are youth under the age of 18. Despite this fact, their demographic data is not collected when surveys and information about Reddit users are released. This makes a complete picture of the Reddit demographics difficult to report upon.

Who Is The Average Reddit User?

  • 50% of Reddit users, according to a 2015 survey, are between the ages of 18-24.
  • There is a 12:1 ratio on Reddit of single men compared to single women.
  • If the age demographic is extended to 35, then it would encompass 80% of all Reddit users.
  • For users who are regular visitors to Reddit, 80% of them are men.
  • Interestingly enough, Reddit users are more likely to own dogs instead of cats despite the number of cat-related posts that are on the site at any given time.
  • 1 in 3 Reddit users report that they are single. In a 2011 survey, 18% of users responded that they would be “Forever Alone.”
  • The average Reddit user spends an average of 85 minutes per day on the site. For perspective, that’s about double the time an average user spends on Facebook.
  • 88% of Reddit users will visit the site multiple times per day.
  • The percentage of users who have paid for a membership to turn off advertising, but have not done so: 78%.
  • 45% of Reddit users originate from outside the United States.

Reddit is available in virtually every nation on the planet. This gives users a unique and globally diversified method of communication, even if some days all you get are cat pictures. This has led to a 2% overall share of the content that is available on the internet today. It has also created some unique sales opportunities for businesses that have chosen to get involved with these Reddit demographics. The average final sale from someone who was referred from Reddit is over $50. With 20 million monthly unique views, these are demographics that are difficult to ignore any more.

Is Reddit The Youth of the Internet?

  • Just 2% of Reddit’s users are above the age of 50.
  • Young men in the 18-29 age demographic make up 15% of the total traffic which Reddit receives in any given month.
  • 98% of the traffic which comes to Reddit comes from urban or suburban sources.
  • Hispanics are 2x more likely to use Reddit when compared to Whites/Caucasians and 3x more likely to use it compared to African-Americans/Blacks.
  • Users without a high school diploma are 2x more likely to use Reddit than those who have obtained their diploma, but no other higher levels of education.
  • Household incomes are evenly spread out for Reddit users, but there is a slight increase of Reddit use in households that make at least $50k, but make less than $75k.
  • The average age of a Reddit User: 34.
  • With the exception of the 65+ age demographic, the same percentage of female users on the site occur within every age demographic.
  • 36% of user comments involve cats.
  • In the last year, more than $1.8 million was raised for charitable causes by Reddit users.
  • If all of the Reddit users were congregated into a separate country, it would be the eighth largest nation on the planet.

For the most part, Reddit is seen to be dominated by men who are interested in technology. Certain terms, like “geek” or “nerd,” are associated with this group and this tends to make marketers a bit leery of the Reddit demographics. That’s a mistake. There are other social networks that are even more male-dominated – Reddit actually ranks at #5 or #6 consistently. Although use drops significantly in the older age demographics, this site attracts people from every age, ethnicity, and racial demographic. There is a niche that can be found on Reddit. It just may take a little time to find where your niche might be.

Why Reddit Stands Out As A Marketable Demographic

  • Reddit users spend an average of 16 minutes on the site per visit. Icelandic users spend the most time on the site at 47 minutes per visit.
  • The “Funny” subreddit often stands out for its share of traffic [1.93%]. It isn’t the most popular subreddit, however, as that distinction belongs to “League of Legends” at 2.87%.
  • After the United States, the UK offers 7.8% of the traffic that Reddit sees. This beats out Canada for second place by 0.2%. Australia follows in fourth place with 3.6% of user traffic.
  • 46% of the downstream traffic from Reddit goes to Imgur. Another 21% of the traffic goes to YouTube. Wikipedia surprisingly comes in third on some surveys, but at just 2%.
  • 20% of Reddit traffic originates from referrals. That’s 435 million pageviews every month that were referred to the site.
  • Feedly, which is a news aggregator website, accounts for about 7% of the referral traffic that comes to Reddit. Imgur leads the referral traffic at 12%.
  • Subreddits can exist for virtually anything. There is even a subreddit which exists that worships Nic Cage as God.
  • More than 40,000 people participate each year in a “Secret Santa” exchange worldwide, making it the largest exchange of its kind in the world today.
  • Reddit is extremely self-managed and relies on word-of-mouth support. Reddit reports only spending $500 on advertising to increase user activities in 10 years – and that $500 was reportedly spent on stickers.

Maybe it isn’t true that Reddit is the “Front Page of the Internet,” but they are certainly the front page of the youth movement on the internet. Users are interested in humor and most of the visitors to the site speak English as their first language. With the heavy number of referrals that come to the site, translating to 160+ million regular users of the site, there are some distinct advantages which can be realized by getting involved with this community – especially if you want to market yourself to Millennials and their kids.

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