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30 Incredible Personal Branding Tips


There are three kinds of branding. The most common is the branding of a company. The company as an entity becomes a brand. The second type of branding pertains to making an idea, product or service extremely popular and trustworthy. The third type of branding is personal. In personal branding, the company or the product, the idea or the type of service being offered does matter but not as much as the personal image or portrayal of a person.

Warren Buffet is a brand, so is Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs. It is an interesting premise because Apple is a brand that people trust and like but so is Steve Jobs. A company, product, service or idea can benefit from all three types of branding but seldom does an enterprise get that lucky. In today’s world, when there are direct and open channels of communication, personal brand is as significant as the brand value of a company or the excellence of a product and service.

Entrepreneurs who can develop a personal brand will always have greater chances of success than those who do not have a personal brand. Richard Branson is a brand. There are innumerable people who don’t know much about Virgin and may not have flown once with the airline but they have heard of Richard Branson and they like him. From singers to actors, politicians to executives in every profession, developing a personal brand is not an option today but imperative.

30 Tips To Build Your Personal Brand is a comprehensive guide which will help you to make people like you. When you reach out to people, your idea or your company matters but what is also significant is your portrayal. How you are represented or how people perceive you as a person and as a professional will have consequences, positive or negative.

In the info-graphic, you will come across some very simple and some unknown facts about developing a personal brand. These tips come from 37 experts who are either personal brands on their own or have helped people develop their brands. Endorsing the advice shared and working on your personal brand accordingly will help you to steer ahead of your competition, you will become trustworthy and shall develop a fan following online which will have various positive impacts on your company’s bottom line, future prospects and value.

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