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31 Great Catchy Animal Magazine Slogans

Animals may be used as pets and companions, food supply, clothing, and more. Many industries rely heavily on the existence of many creatures. Dozens if not hundreds of sites and organizations have popped up in recent years to help grow awareness about animal abuse and more while others focus on educating others about the world around us. The following animal magazine slogans used from other organization and industries are compiled below to help encourage your own unique tagline to use for your next campaign.

Abandoning a dog, means killing it.
Adoption is the best option.
All about pet training from strays to superstars.
All you need is love.
An animal’s eyes have the great power to speak a great language.
Animal rights. Human values. Social action.
At last a cat food with a life saving ingredient.
Big and small, protect them all.
Brings out the human in men.
Cause a splash to save whales.
Don’t be bitter, save the critters.
Don’t breed or buy and let homeless pets die.
Evolve: End Violence Against Animals.
Find your next best friend at the animal shelter.
Giving nature a home.
Hear their cry, don’t let them die
Help animals that are in need, Remember to shelter and feed.
Just because we are small, doesn’t mean we don’t have reasons.
Know what’s funny about puppy mills? Nothing.
No bad anything.
One by one until there are none.
Tame the beast.
The best care when you’re not there.
The ones who have no voice need you to speak up.
There is no excuse for animal abuse.
There is not beauty with death.
Treat animals with care, it’s only fair.
Walking for animals.
We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
Whether its a dog or a dove, treat animals with love.
Wrap with care. Save the polar bear.

The world of animals provides a magnificent look at the creatures that roam this planet with us. In the following video, some of the most unique facts about animals are looked at that will help to broaden your appreciation and curiosity with the world around you.

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