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31 Good Hair Stylist Slogans and Taglines

The cosmetology industry sees an annual revenue of over $40 billion and almost a million jobs. Salon establishments alone account for over $21.2 billion in revenue. In recent years, a 47% increase in sales have been seen among this industry with only a 0.1% decline during the Great Recession. The cosmetology industry represents the broadest collection of women and minorities in the overall United States workforce. Approximately, 84% of individuals in the personal appearance occupations are women, compared to 47% of employed individuals in the overall workforce. The following collection of hair stylist slogans are represented by individual stylist marketing efforts and intended to inspire your own slogan creation.

A beautiful gift of God.
A cut above the rest.
A high end salon without the pretense.
Achieve the look you want.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the hands of your stylist.
Dedicated to providing excellence in our service.
Do come and experience.
Experience life with color.
I want you to love your hair.
It’s gonna be great.
Look your best, feel even better from head to toe.
Making you and your hair shine.
Modesty with style.
Natural, healthy, and professional.
New stylist. New life. New you.
Offering you the personal touch.
Our strength is your beauty.
Progressive styling in a nurturing environment.
Reimagining beauty… sustainably.
Revitalize your beauty… Revitalize your soul.
Show your colors, embrace your style, love the beautiful you.
Take a chance.
The hair creations home.
The science of beautiful hair.
The ultimate indulgent hair experience.
To transform is fascinating, but to enhance is divine.
Transforming the hair salon experience.
We manufacture beauty.
We specialize in all phases of hair.
Where girls go to play.
Your hair never felt so good.

The United States average national salary for a cosmetologist is $37,145. Seattle, Washington holds the top location for highest paid stylists, averaging over $50,000 a year. The personal care industry employees over 300,000 stylists, followed by department stores providing an average of 23,000 jobs. An operating stylist is required to pass the State Board exam and get a cosmetology license. More facts about the Cosmetology industry can be found in the below infographic.

US Average Hair Stylist Salary

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