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201 Good Hair Stylist Slogans and Taglines

The cosmetology industry sees an annual revenue of over $40 billion and almost a million jobs. Salon establishments alone account for over $21.2 billion in revenue. In recent years, a 47% increase in sales have been seen among this industry with only a 0.1% decline during the Great Recession. The cosmetology industry represents the broadest collection of women and minorities in the overall United States workforce. Approximately, 84% of individuals in the personal appearance occupations are women, compared to 47% of employed individuals in the overall workforce. The following collection of hair stylist slogans are represented by individual stylist marketing efforts and intended to inspire your own slogan creation.

A beautiful gift of God.
A breath of fresh hair.
A cut above the rest.
A hair salon that cares about you.
A High-end Salon Without The Pretense.
A Little Off The Top.
A Midsummer Night’s Dreads and More.
A sweet escape… Even sweeter prices!
A totally organic experience.
Achieve The Look You Want.
Amazing Hair Grace.
As individual as you are.
As urban as you can get in the suburbs.
Barry M. The most colorful name in cosmetics.
Be welcomed. Be pampered. Be yourself.
Be your best.
Beautiful and peaceful.
Beautiful hair in professional hands.
Beautiful hair with beautiful care.
Beautifying the neighborhood, one haircut at a time.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the hands of your stylist.
Beauty is in the Hands of Your Stylist.
Beauty is worth dying for.
Beauty short cuts.
Because you need time for yourself.
BonneBell. Beautiful. Colorful. You.
Changing the world one person at a time.
Comb together.
Complete hair transformation.
Creating your look.
Creating your perfect image.
Creators of award winning hair.
Cut From The Heart.
Cuts and Styles.
Cutting Remarks.
Danielle’s Esthetics. Because you need time for yourself.
Dedicated To Providing Excellence In Our Service.
Do Come And Experience.
Does she … or doesn’t she.
Down to earth hair.
Dyeing Sensation.
Dyeing to Escape.
Eco friendly salon on the beach.
Enjoy the stay. Love the shine.
Everyone is beautiful, we just make it obvious!
Experience Life With Color.
Expert hands to pamper and style.
For cuts and colors that best suit you.
For incredible hair.
For that Feminine Look You Always Wanted.
For The Look of the Future.
For the style and service you deserve!
Fueled by passion and hairspray.
Fun cuts for kids.
Get The Hair Outta Here.
Gone with the Hair salon.
Hair And Beyond.
Hair And Other Stuff.
Hair chemistry at its best!
Hair in The Hood.
Hair State Of Mind.
Hair today gone tomorrow.
Hair’s where its at!
Haircuts With Happy Endings.
Hairdressers bring color to the world.
Hairdressers Do It With Style.
Hairdressing is our passion!
Hairstylists Are A ‘shear’ Pleasure!
Have a Great Hair Day.
High drama for every single lash.
Holistic hairdressing.
I never knew you had dandruff.
I Want You To Love Your Hair.
If I’ve only one life let me live it as a blonde!
If we can’t do it no one can.
If your hair isn’t becoming to you, you should be coming to us.
Illusions: from dream to reality.
Indulge yourself.
Invest in your hair.
It doesn’t cost a lot to look good.
It’s Gonna Be Great.
Kids cuts with a smile.
Kiss your thin lips goodbye!
Knock Knock, Whose Hair?
Leave the hair to us.
Let’s talk about hair.
Life is too short to have boring hair.
Live And Let Dye.
Live your best life.
Look good. Feel good.
Look Your Best, Feel Even Better From Head To Toe.
Look your best.
Love is in the hair.
Love your hair, love yourself.
Love your hair… for less.
Luxury salon where you will feel unique and special.
Making you and your hair Shine.
Mane Attraction.
Manifesto. Declare your style.
Max Factor. The make-up of make-up artists.
Modesty With Style.
More defined. More conditioned. More beautiful lashes.
Natural, healthy, and professional.
New Stylist. New Life. New You.
No Tangles.
Non Conventional Beauty.
Not just for blondes.
Offering you the personal touch.
Only The Best Will ‘Do.
Our image is to make your image.
Our scissors are magic wands.
Our Strength Is Your Beauty.
Perfection in hair.
Progressive styling in a nurturing environment.
Proud to be a hairdresser.
Pupa. Non Conventional Beauty.
Reimagining beauty… sustainably.
Relax. Renew. Revive.
Rethink your lash look.
Revitalize your beauty… Revitalize your soul.
Revitalizing beauty for your changing skin.
Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Double Your Hair Back.
Satisfying our clients.
Shine from head to toe.
Show your colors, embrace your style, love the beautiful you.
Shut Up And Style Me.
Simply Hairlicious.
Smackers. All the flavor of being a girl.
Start a reaction.
Studio One. When Only The Best Will Do!
Styles from the city, service from out of this world.
Styles to fit your lifestyle.
Stylin’ from your hair to your toys!
Take a chance.
Take your lashes to Luxurious Lengths.
Tangle Fighters.
The art of natural beauty.
The best place to dye.
The Company for Women.
The cure for bad hair days.
The cut & color expert.
The hair color experts.
The Hair Creations Home.
The Kingdom Of Comb.
The make-up of make-up artists.
The salon that gives you style.
The science of beautiful hair.
The Second Combing.
The Stylist’s Choice.
The ultimate indulgent hair experience.
The ultimate salon experience.
There is no better hairstyle then Your own style.
There is no such thing as natural beauty.
To transform is fascinating, but to enhance is divine.
To Trim Or Not To Trim.
Totally for kids.
Transforming the hair salon experience.
Treat yourself to great service.
Twist. Glide. Shine.
We aim to please!
We are here to beautify the world.
We can style your hair how you like it.
We create styles for the way you look and the way you live!
We cut any type of hair.
We know hair.
We love your hair.
We manufacture beauty.
We rub you the right way.
We Specialize In All Phases Of Hair.
We Tease To Please!
We will dye for you.
We’ll Style, You’ll Smile.
Where everything is better.
Where experience matters.
Where Girls Go To Play.
Where guests are the canvas and art is created.
Where hair becomes a masterpiece.
Where haircuts are fun!
Where hairdressing comes alive.
Where passion & creativity meet.
Where Style is Created.
Where style meets exceptional service.
Where the hair cut experience becomes magical.
Where we love to exceed your expectations.
Who says getting a haircut can’t be fun!
Whole Lotta Styling Goin’ On.
You are in a beauty contest every day of your life.
You deserve nothing but the best.
You deserve the best.
You pick the style. We give you the style.
You show us your hair dream, we make it a reality.
Your Beautiful Hair, In Need Of Our Care.
Your best hair affair.
Your hair at its best.
Your Hair Beauty, Our Duty.
Your hair is our best advert.
Your hair is our canvas.
Your hair is our masterpiece.
Your Hair Never Felt So Good.
Your Hair, Our Care.
Your hair, Your Crown.

The United States average national salary for a cosmetologist is $37,145. Seattle, Washington holds the top location for highest paid stylists, averaging over $50,000 a year. The personal care industry employees over 300,000 stylists, followed by department stores providing an average of 23,000 jobs. An operating stylist is required to pass the State Board exam and get a cosmetology license. More facts about the Cosmetology industry can be found in the below infographic.

US Average Hair Stylist Salary

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