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30 Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts


30 Ways To Promote You Blog Post

To get the best out of your blog, it must be promoted as much as possible. This article highlights 30 ways this can be done. Most of these methods are free. With little effort, you will get the best.

Tips for Success on Blogs

1. Never impersonate a personality, always be authentic and remain as real as possible.
2. Consistency is key to attracting readers to your blog. Pick an ideal blog post frequency, weekly monthly and stick with your schedule.
3. Make sure your blog appeals to visitors. Make use of alluring photos, make sure they are yours and not stolen.
4. It takes time to build a list of followers, be patient, and market your blog because if you market it, they will come.

Social Media: The Avenue of Promotion

1. Facebook: Include your post on your personal business page through groups and adverts.
2. Twitter: Post should be scheduled on twitter. A maximum of 2 posts per day in a month is ideal.
3. Pinterest: A board should be created specifically for your post. Pin each post to your board.
4. LinkedIn: Use this platform to share your posts to groups which you belong and adverts.
5. Google Plus: Share within your circles and publicly on Google plus as this is required for SEO benefits.

Bookmarking Sites: Access to Millions

1. StumbleUpon.com: Sign up with this platform and stumble your posts.
2. Digg.com: Posts should be submitted to Digg.com, this enables sharing with other users.
3. Reddit.com: This is one of the most popular bookmarking sites and it must be taken advantage off.
4. Delicious.com: When you submit to this site, you allow others discover your post.
5. Technorati.com: This is compulsory as it is among the most used search engines for blogs.

Optimize Your Blog with Specific Keywords

Each blog post must be optimized for specific keywords.

If they signed your contact form, they want to hear from you.
• Your email new letters should contain your latest blog post.
• Your post should be shared with forums and groups you belong to.
• With the use of wisestamp.com, latest blog post should be added to email signature.
• After sending email to your list, request for feedback.
• By making use of RSS feeds, you can easily send information to those who signed up with you automatically.

Take advantage of other blogs in your network.
• Comment on other blogs, adding your link to a post.
• Post as guests to other relevant blogs.
• Established bloggers can link your relevant post.
• Resubmit post to other relevant blogs as repost.
• Take advantage of the blogging community and exchange links with other bloggers.

Remember: It is not about blogging, it is about promoting your blog.

Resources for Promoting Your Blog

Here is a list of 10 different sites that makes it pretty easy to syndicate your blog post.

IFTTT.com: This allows you organize over different sites.
Blogcatalog.com: This site allows you connect with other bloggers and share ideas
Amazon.com: Submit your blog to https://kindlepublishing.amazon.com/gp/vendoe and get paid as soon as it is read.
Demandstudios.com: Through this website you can distribute your blog post to several publishers like USAToday.com, eHow.com and Salon.com
Alltop.com: This site synchronizes contents from varying topics like fashion, food, business and auto.
Scribnia.com: This is a source of readers review.
Syndic8.com: This is a blog that covers most of the services. It is a common syndication service.
EvanCarmichael.com: if your blog post is related to business, you cannot do without this site.
Outbraia.com: This organizes your posts to other sites like FastCompany.com and CNN.com.

It is recommended that you chose a few of these sites that are related to your niche. You do not need to have your contents on all the sites as it could affect your search engine rankings negatively.

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