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30 Best Instagram Hashtags to Get Followers


If you want to be noticed or make a post or photo searchable, you use a hashtag to allow people to search for the image or post. Everyone uses hashtags and they are the most popular addition to everyday social media posting. There really is no limit to the places that hashtags can be used, and we have compiled a list of the most popular hashtags of them all. The top 30 hashtags used on Instagram are also likely to be the most searched, so if you want to be noticed by a large group of people, be sure to use one of these extremely popular hashtags.

1) What to Take Away
The number of popular hashtags as well as the subject matter for each of the top 10 include something that people like or something personal. When it comes to Instagram and the ability to share photos, the various hashtags that get the most exposure include something that people want others to see such as #love or #cute. These can be just about anything and will open up the posts to many more people. While hashtags are becoming increasingly popular and changing over time, it is best to do your research to find the most popular ones of the month or year.

2) Choose the Most Popular Hashtags
When you use hashtags for exposure purposes, you should choose the most popular hashtags to ensure that the things you want to be seen more frequently are found more often by those who search for the specific hashtag. For instance, #love has 67,752,150 photos and is likely to be seen more frequently than #sun which only has 14,917,640 photos. By using the most popular hashtags, you are gaining more exposure than using the lowest ranked hashtags.

3) Gaining a Fan Base
You can easily gain a fan base by using these hashtags. For example #tbt or Throw Back Thursday is a very popular occurrence where people share past photos of themselves as well as past posts. Throw Back Thursday is a day specific thing that will encourage people to search it more frequently. Also the #photooftheday or #bestoftheday can encourage people to search and see the things you have posted under that hashtag on a daily basis for exposure. Using hashtags that are searched for daily can help to get more views and show people more of the things you want them to see every day.

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