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29 Superb Geoffrey A. Moore Quotes

Geoffrey Moore is an organizational theorist and management consultant. The acclaimed author to ‘Crossing the Chasm’ and ‘Sell High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers,’ Moore is the head of his own consulting firm Geoffrey Moore Consulting. Focusing on the life cycle of technology adoption and high tech marketing, Moore has shared countless amount of business advice. Here is a look at some of the best Geoffrey A. Moore quotes ever recorded.

“As a buying group, visionaries are easy to sell but very hard to please. This is because they are buying a dream – which, to some degree, will always be a dream.”

“Because of these incompatibilities, early adopters do not make good references for the early majority.”

“By contrast, the early majority want to buy a productivity improvement for existing operations. They are looking to minimize the discontinuity with the old ways. They want evolution, not revolution.”

“California is a bad influence.”

“Chasm crossing is not the end, but rather the beginning, of mainstream market development.”

“Customers often bend over backward to give market share leaders second and third chances, bringing cries of anguish from their competitors who would never be granted such grace.”

“Entering the mainstream market is an act of burglary, of breaking and entering, of deception, often even of stealth.”

“I think there is a potential for backlash from the open-source community against companies that do not play according to the aspirations or ethics of that community.”

“It is a time not for dashing and expensive gestures but rather for careful plans and cautiously rationed resources-a time not to gamble all on some brilliant coup but rather to focus everyone on pursuing a high-probability course of action and making as few mistakes as possible.”

“Marketing falls prey to the crack between the technology enthusiast and the visionary by failing to discover, or at least failing to articulate, the compelling application that provides the order-of-magnitude leap in benefits.”

“Marketing has long known how to exploit fads and how to develop trends.”

“People are taking out a lot of their frustration against the modern age and finding a symbol. It’s just one more set of problems facing the large institutional leader that the second guy doesn’t have to deal with.”

“Technologies from a prior era, once the focal point of innovation, now become the scaffolding upon which next-generation innovation will build.”

“The biggest problem is typically overly ambitious expectations combined with undercapitalization.”

“The Bots are taking over.”

“The company may be saying “state-of-the-art” when the pragmatist wants to hear “industry standard.”

“The key to getting beyond the enthusiasts and winning over a visionary is to show that the new technology enables some strategic leap forward, something never before possible, which has an intrinsic value and appeal to the nontechnologist.”

“The less successful product is often arguably superior.”

“The number-one corporate objective, when crossing the chasm, is to secure a distribution channel into the mainstream market, one with which the pragmatist customer will be comfortable.”

“The only suitable reference for an early majority customer, it turns out, is another member of the early majority, but no upstanding member of the early majority will buy without first having consulted with several suitable references.”

“The word risk is a negative one in their vocabulary—it does not connote opportunity or excitement but rather the chance to waste money and time.”

“They will work with vendors who have little or no funding, with products that start life as little more than a diagram on a whiteboard, and with technology gurus who bear a disconcerting resemblance to Rasputin.”

“To become a going concern, a persistent entity in the market, you need a market segment that will commit to you as its de facto standard for enabling a critical business process.”

“To get an early market started requires an entrepreneurial company with a breakthrough technology product that enables a new and compelling application.”

“Ultimately the service that skeptics provide to high-tech marketers is to point continually to the discrepancies between the sales claims and the delivered product.”

“We do not have, nor are we willing to adopt, any discipline that would ever require us to stop pursuing any sale at any time for any reason. We are, in other words, not a market- driven company; we are a sales-driven company.”

“When pragmatists buy, they care about the company they are buying from, the quality of the product they are buying, the infrastructure of supporting products and system interfaces, and the reliability of the service they are going to get.”

“Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.”

“You get installed by the pragmatists as the leader, and from then on, they conspire to help keep you there.”

Here is a look at Geoff Moore as he discusses, ‘Crossing the Chasm’ and the rise of cloud computing, mobile technologies and software, and viral marketing on social media.

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