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29 Great B2B Email Marketing Tips


Want to make your next e-mail campaign a smashing success? Below are a few areas you can focus on to increase the number of people who read and respond.

The Subject

What is the subject of your e-mail. The subject can make all the difference in the world. It should be kept to less then a sentence, and have a bare bones explanation of what the e-mail blast is all about. If you can, try adding a joke, a bit of wit, or clever remark that will draw people in.

Important Information On Top

Every e-mail campaign is done for a reason. This reason should be at the very top of your e-mail. It should be in a larger font, bolded, and the first thing that people see. It should in less then a sentence state exactly what it is about. In addition, a quick follow up about why it is important can also help in engaging people with the e-mail campaign.

Keep the Description Short and Sweet, Link to More

It is important to remember that your description in your e-mail campaign should be short and sweet. Include only necessary information. If you want to include more, then include all strictly not-relevant information in a link or possible attachment. By keeping things short, you increase the chances that people will read instead of glossing over or simply deleting.

The Time To Strike

Would you be shocked to learn that there is an optimal time to send an e-mail campaign during the day? The real question is, as you read this, what time is it? For a large number of people, the answer is between 9pm and midnight. This is when people have gotten off of work, have taken care of stuff at home, and have settled into their routine before sleep. Statistics show that people are more likely to be checking their e-mails at this time. Just make sure you stay away from Friday and Saturday, as both days see a marked decrease in people being open to read e-mail campaigns.

Size Matters

When it comes to e-mail blasts and campaigns, the size of the file matters a great deal. For example, those messages below 35kb and above 1mb are at a greater likelihood to be blocked by e-mail providers or considered spam. By keeping your message between those two numbers and minimizing the number of images, you reduce the chances of spam filters removing your important e-mail campaign.

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