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29 Catchy Accelerated Reader Slogans

Accelerated Reader is a type of software that was designed to closely monitor the level and progress of reading that elementary students are at. It integrates fun and exciting things to get kids pumped about learning to read. Many schools have “competitions” or incentive programs put in place to help motivate the kids. A great way to implement one of these programs in your own classroom is to choose a theme or slogan that is fun and entertaining. Here are some wonderful slogans about reading and the accelerated reader program to give you some inspiration.

Be A Reader.
Believe In Yourself, Read!
Bite Into A Good Book.
Books Are Bridges To New Worlds.
Books Brings Friends.
Celebrating Student Growth!
Dive Into Reading.
Dream Big! Read!
Enjoy Reading. Enjoy Learning.
Exercise Your Mind. Read!
Explore New Worlds!
Go For It!
It’s Hip To Read. It’s Hop To Learn.
Make No Bones About It. We LOVE Reading Books.
Nothing Can Beat A Set Of Great Readers!
Nothing Is Better For Your Mind Than A Good Book In Your Hand.
Reading Makes You Pop!
Read. Read. Read!
Reading Is Fantastic!
Sailing Away With Books.
Sailing On A Sea Of Books.
Some Of Your Best Friends Will Be Books.
Switch On To Reading.
Take The Lead and Read.
Watch Us Grow.
Weaving A Book Web.
We’re Flipping Out Over Our Readers!
We’re Flying High With Reading.
We’ve Been Bitten By The Book Bug.

This awesome video is a promotional tool for the accelerated reader program. It features stories about kids of all ages, who have benefited from the accelerated reader program. They talk about their developing passion for reading and all of the great things it has brought them!

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