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28 Splendid James Morcan Quotes

James Morcan, author of Genius Intelligence is a film actor and known for his roles in post Apocalyptic films. The author of the spy thriller series, ‘The Orphan Trilogy’ and several other series, Morcan is a New Zealand born actor. Here is a look at some of the best James Morcan quotes to be familiar with.

“Any time a secret group usurps the collective will of the people, it’s wrong. Period.”

“Bilderberg pulls the strings of every government and intelligence agency in the Western world.”

“Contrary to the media circus which portrayed politicians as all-powerful figures, Kentbridge knew from experience the vast majority of US Government officials – elected or otherwise – were puppets who only had the illusion of power.”

“Democrats and Republicans were essentially the same party with different faces and that was why, no matter how many promises each leader made, significant change rarely transpired.”

“Developing a genius mindset essentially comes down to two things: operating at speed and using the subconscious mind more than the conscious.”

“Divide and conquer. That’s the global elite’s proven strategy when it comes to its treatment of Third World countries in Africa and indeed throughout the world.”

“Factual reporting is all too often propaganda designed to provoke certain reactions from the masses.”

“Fleecing the Third World has been a reality for decades if not centuries. Mineral-abundant Third World nations, which should be some of the richest on Earth, are all too often among the poorest.”

“Holocaust deniers always have anti-Semitic beliefs and sympathies somewhere inside them. Always.”

“If enough citizens believe their national security’s in jeopardy then politicians who propose wars will receive the support they need.”

“If wars create vast sums of money for the global elite, is it possible the Soviets, the Viet Cong and Muslim extremists were, or are, also fabricated enemies of the West along with North Korea?”

“It’s becoming obvious to most that mainstream media is nothing but a megaphone for the global elite to present biased news that’s designed to align the masses with their agenda.”

“It’s hard to deny that an alarming number of those who stood for peace, not war, were either killed by deranged lone gunmen or else died in suspicious circumstances.”

“Many argue that the poverty of these nations can usually be blamed on wars strategically engineered by developed nations and Superpowers – wars that are also armed and funded by the developed world.”

“Nazi ideologies continue to the present day behind the veil of supposedly free societies and governments.”

“Nine had heard whisperings that the secretive Bilderberg Group was effectively the World Government, undermining democracy by influencing everything from nations’ political leaders to the venue for the next war.”

“No genuine change in society ever occurs without the mass public getting behind a cause. The good guys in government are counting on enough of us common people waking up and demanding more rights and greater freedoms.”

“Studies have shown the subconscious mind can process around 11 million bits of information per second. The conscious mind, however, can only process about 15 to 16 bits of information per second.”

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

“The American people, and the citizens of all Western nations, have the right to know about every single thing their representatives do on their behalf.”

“The ends justify the means mindset has been the impetus behind many a cruel medical or social experiment.”

“The free enterprise concept inherent in the economic model of capitalism should mean common people, or lower and middle class wage-earners, have greater potential to rise up and gain financial independence.”

“The privileged individuals and families who comprise the global elite will happily bankrupt their own countrymen, decimate their own community and evict their neighbors from houses in their desperate bid to increase their wealth.”

“The purpose of having the orphans study all these diverse fields was not for them to just become geniuses, but to become polymaths – meaning they would be geniuses in a wide variety of fields.”

“The sad thing was Seventeen would remain completely unaware she was being exploited, such were the ramifications of the insidious mind control programs.”

“Those rare individuals society labels geniuses are almost always freaks of nature and are naturally gifted rather than being diligent students who became geniuses because of their education.”

“We’ve all experienced pondering a problem all day long only to find we receive the solution when forgetting about the problem and thinking of something else.”

“Why else do you think we are permanently at war in various regions all over the world? And why is it the citizens of this country, one of the richest on earth, get poorer each year?”

An interview performed with James Morcan, a filmmaker and social activist, takes some time to sit down with Arthur D. Shwartz and discuss his book, ‘The Orphan Conspiracies.’

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