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28 Breathtaking Chip Heath Quotes

Chip Heath is an American bestselling author and speaker, co-authoring thee best selling books with his brother. With a nomination from Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Nonfiction, Heath is a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business teaching on the topic of organizational behavior, negotiation, and social entrepreneurship. Here is a look at some of the greatest Chip Heath quotes.

“Anger prepares us to fight and fear prepares us to flee.”

“Change is hard because people wear themselves out. And that’s the second surprise about change: What looks like laziness is often exhaustion.”

“Create a need for closure.”

“If entrepreneurs want to succeed, as venture capitalists like to say, they’d better be selling aspirin rather than vitamins. Vitamins are nice; they’re healthy. But aspirin cures your pain; it’s not a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.”

“It takes emotion to bring knowledge to a boil.”

“Just look for a strong beginning and a strong ending and get moving.”

“Knowledge is rarely enough to spark change; it takes emotion to bring knowledge to a boil.”

“Lots of us have expertise in particular areas. Becoming an expert in something means that we become more and more fascinated by nuance and complexity. That’s when the Curse of Knowledge kicks in, and we start to forget what it’s like not to know what we know.”

“Many armies fail because they put all their emphasis into creating a plan that becomes useless ten minutes into the battle.”

“Once we know something, we find it hard to imagine what it was like not to know it.”

“Our rational brain has a problem focus when it needs a solution focus. If you are a manager, ask yourself, what is the ratio of the time you spend solving problems versus scaling successes? We need to switch from archaeological problem solving to bright-spot evangelizing.”

“People tend to overuse any idea or concept that delivers an emotional kick.”

“Plans are useful in the sense that they’re proof that planning has taken place. The planning process forces people to think through the right issues. But as for the plans themselves, they just don’t work on the battle field.”

“Stories are flight simulators for our brains.”

“Success emerges from the quality of the decisions we make and the quantity of luck we receive. We can’t control luck. But we can control the way we make choices.”

“The Curse of Knowledge: when we are given knowledge, it is impossible to imagine what it’s like to LACK that knowledge.”

“The first problem of communication is getting people’s attention.”

“The more hooks an idea has, the better it will cling to memory.”

“The more we reduce the amount of information in an idea, the stickier it will be.”

“The most basic way to get someone’s attention is this: Break a pattern.”

“There’s no such thing as a passive audience.”

“We can’t unlearn what we already know and there are only two ways to beat the curse, the first is not to learn anything, the second is to transform our ideas.”

“What looks like a people problem is often a situation problem.”

“What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity.”

“What’s broken, and how do we fix it?”

“What’s working, and how can we do more of it?”

“When people know the desired destination, they’re free to improvise, as needed, in arriving there.”

“When you’re at the beginning, don’t obsess about the middle, because the middle is going to look different once you get there.”

Chip Heath steps aside to take a few minutes to be interviewed by Verne Harnish at the Fortune Growth Summit. Heath is the author of ‘Switch and Made to Stick,’ a bestseller about making decisions with confidence.

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