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27 Ways Houzz and Pinterest are Inspiring Home Design Ideas


Houzz VS Pinterest in Brand Marketing

Houzz and Pinterest are slowly gaining popularity in the way people use them. Pinterest for example uses visual displays of high rich content in the form of pictures, commonly known as pins. Users can use these pins in their websites as marketing tools and social templates to communicate with friends. Houzz works in an almost similar way, as it is a place where interior designers present their projects and remodeling ideas for target audience to see.

Through Houzz, people can select posts of kitchen designs, bathrooms, and interior décor of a house or office from the comfort of their houses or office. This makes it a great marketplace for designers to publish their work for exposure and also to sell their talent. Although the two social sites, Houzz and Pinterest have a common goal, there are several notable differences that can be picked from the two. These are:

Pinterest Userbase

Pinterest has a larger use base as compared to Houzz. Although the two are in the same area of duty and obligations, more people seem to prefer Pinterest to Houzz. This is because Pinterest does not restrict anyone with genres or topics. All you have to do is to create a pin then post it within your profile. Houzz however regulates how you place photos, and only designers tend to use this platform, thus restricting more people from using it.

Pinterest Idealization

Pinterest deals with idealization, while Houzz users only upload professional content. Although Pinterest may be the best site to upload pins for a wider audience view, most of the pins are idealized and sometimes not real. This gives users a feeling that, the person pinning these photos may not be realistic. Houzz users on the other hand may upload idea books that are written and built by professionals who know how to achieve goals. This means Houzz users are more realistic and goal oriented as compared to Pinterest.

Pinterest User Growth

User growth is mandatory for a company to realize big returns on investments, hence a reason why it becomes a factor in marketing. Pinterest has the greatest growth rate yet, as it has grown faster than any other site in the website industry. Nevertheless, Houzz is gradually growing as its main users are professionals and persons serious with whatever they are advertising. However, the biggest and most successful remodeling companies in the kitchen and design industry use Houzz to market their work.

Producer Consumer Connection

This is one area that Houzz has majored in to deliver quality service to its users. Houzz users are comprised of design professionals and home and office improvement entrepreneurs’ with a common goal. This means that, one can find an excellent designer from just visiting Houzz than in Pinterest. Pinterest has however not strategized in this area, as it does not filter content posted within the website. This makes it harder for an enterprising person to find the right kitchen designer in Pinterest.

According to the above mentioned and discussed points about Pinterest and Houzz, it is notable that, Houzz, though a smaller company it more enterprising and promising than Pinterest. Pinterest however has the numbers required to market a business. This means that, if you want better results when marketing your business, you should then consider using the two at one go.

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