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25 Astonishing Content Marketing Statistics and Trends

25 Astonishing Content Marketing Statistics and Trends

Content Marketing in 2013: Are You Blogging?

Did you know that blogging on your website gives you up to 400% more in indexed pages? A blog can also give you 97% more in indexed links. With valuable content posted repetitively over the span of a year or two, it is entirely possible for search engines to index thousands of pages on your site! The value of the amount of indexing cannot be overstated, which means the value of blogging cannot be overstated. The modern marketer spends a quarter of their budget on the actual content that is being created – if you don’t have valuable content, you’re missing out on marketing opportunities right now.

Custom Content Is the Future of Marketing

It seems almost ridiculous to say it, but almost 80% of business owners believe customized marketing content is the future of online marketing. The issue with creating customized content is that it takes up a lot of time to create – upwards of ¾ of a marketer’s time can be spent creating content. That’s why companies are starting to outsource this task more often. Just two years ago, 7% of companies outsourced for customized content. In 2013, over 60% of companies are expected to do so. This means that if you can find a good content writer, don’t let them go! Chances are others are going to be looking for them as well.

How Does Custom Content Relate To Blogging?

Blogging with customized content generates sales leads – lots of sales leads. Companies that regularly blog customized and valuable content to people experience almost 70% more genuine sales leads than companies that aren’t blogging or are simply spinning their content to create new posts for indexing purposes. That’s why companies that have fewer than 10 total employees are budgeting more than 40% of their total yearly budget to the creation of customized content.

Blogs Help Reach 80% of the Total Population

The combination of blogging and social media today reaches 80% of the total population that is currently online in some way. That’s why 90% of companies today are marketing with customized content in some way! It’s not just about the information, however, that is being blogged about that is important – blog posts that contain images obtain nearly double the amount of hits than posts that have no images. This is partly due to the fact that search engines are also indexing images, so a properly tagged image might rank higher and be seen more often than the information itself. That graphic link, when clicked, will then lead to the information and you’ve got the chance to close.

Are You Creating Customized Content?

Almost 15% of the total leads that are generated by organic results from customized content convert, on average. Compare that to the 2% conversion rate that outbound marketing leads have and you can see why there is such a push to create customized marketing content that people will find valuable. 90% of internet users find this customized content helpful and valuable, which means even if you don’t create a sale immediately, you could be creating brand loyalty that will create repetitive sales down the road. The time is now to start creating customized content… are you doing it?

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