39 Good Catchy Staffing Company Names

Staffing companies serve as a medium between companies and employees. They help businesses that are looking to hire new people find the perfect candidates. In turn, the staffing company makes a certain percentage of the salary being offered. It is a very lucrative business venture, as well as very helpful to many companies. A good name is a great place to begin if you are thinking of beginning your very own staffing agency. Here are some great examples.

Access Staffing
Active Staffing Services
ASAP Staffing Services
Atrium Staffing
Comforce Staffing Services
Diamond Staffing Services
Exact Staff Inc
First Source Staffing
Helpmates Staffing
Hollister Staffing
Lotus Staffing
Lucas Group Staffing
Maximum Staffing Solutions
Med Place Staffing Solutions
Mediscan Staffing Services
Monument Staffing
Olympic Staff
Perfecto Staffing Inc.
Pirate Staffing
Professional Staffing Group
Select Staffing
Sherlock Staffing
Staffing Specific
The Grapevine Agency
Trinity Staffing
Ultimate Staffing Co.
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This interesting video explains in detail how staffing companies work. It is very good information for anyone interested in this field of business service.