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51 Good Catchy Flu Shot Slogans

Companies and organizations do campaigns each and every year in order to prompt people to get themselves vaccinated. Here are some wonderful and catchy flu shot slogans to help more people get their flu shot.

A Flu Shot A Year, Keeps The Flu Away.
A Little Pain For A Lot Of Gin.
Be a Flu Fighter.
Be Like Me, Be Flu Free.
Beat the Flu Bug. Get Your Shot.
Come Pay Your Due Against The Flu.
Cover Your Sneeze, It’s a Breeze.
Cover Your Sneeze, With Your Hands.
Don’t Give Bacteria a Free Ride.
Don’t be Bait for the Flu Virus.
Don’t Be Blue And Get The Flu…Vaccinate Your Crew!
Don’t Get Caught! Get The Shot!
Don’t Let the Flu Sneak Up on You.
Don’t Make me Squirm. Don’t Share Your Germ.
Don’t Sneeze on Me, Let me Be Flu Free.
Don’t Waste Fall By Being Sick. Get A Flu Shot! It’s Super Quick.
Each Year We Face The Flu, Vaccinate So It Doesn’t Get You!
Fight Flu.
Flu Season Ahead.
Flu Vaccines Keep You From The Mean.
Get a Clue, Fight the Flu.
Get the Fact, Not the Flu.
Get The Shot, Not The Flu.
Get Your Flu Shot Today and Keep The Viruses Away.
Get Your Flu Vaccine, If you Want to be Clean.
Get Your Vaccine Today, Before The Flu Takes You Away.
Got A Shot? No Flu For You!
I Got My Flu Shot, Did You?
If You Get the Flu, You Know What to Do.
If You Got The Flu, It Was Because Of You!
If You Knew About Flu, You’d Get It Too.
Keep Calm and Get Your Flu Shot.
Kick Flu Before it Kicks You.
Preventing The Flue…Starring You!
Protect Yourself. Protect Your Loved Ones. Get Your Flu Vaccine!
Roll up Your Sleeve for the Vaccine.
Stop the Bug, Stop the Flu.
Teach Your Body What To Do, Vaccinate Against The Flu.
The Flu Ends With You.
The Flu Vaccine is Your Best Defense.
The Vaccine Isn’t Mean, It Will Keep Your Cells Clean!
Wash Your Hands.
Wear a Surgical Mask if Possible.
You Can’t Do What You Want To Do If You Have The Flu.
You Don’t Want To Be Sick, So Get The Flu Shot Quick!


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