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29 Fast Food Consumption Statistics in America

Fast Food Industry Statistics

One in four Americans consumer fast food daily. Every year, Americans spend more than $100 billion on the fast food industry. There are over 160,000 fast food restaurants in the United States with over 50 million served daily. 20% of all American meals are eaten in the car. The following statistics relate to fast food industry trends and statistics.

Top 10 States for Fast Food Consumption

1. Alabama – 44% of this states eateries are considered fast food restaurants.
2. Kentucky – $.56 of every dollar here is spent on fast food with the country’s second highest obesity rate in the nation.
3. Louisiana – 54% of restaurant budget is spent on fast food with rates in the top 5 of the country for obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.
4. Maryland – The lowest proportion of fast food restaurants with half of dining out dollars spent on them.
5. Mississippi – 62% of dining out budget is spent on fast food with the highest rate of obesity and overweight adults at a 70%.
6. Ohio – Increasing rates of obesity are to blame in Ohio as the fast food industry is slowly growing with more the half consumer restaurant dollars being spent there.
7. Oklahoma – More than half of the restaurants here serve fast food. 55% of restaurants visit fast food 12 times in a month with an average of 21 monthly visits.
8. Texas – In the top list of heavy users in fast food, the state has more than 20% of 10-17 year old considered obese.
9. Utah – The family culture cited in this state is claimed to be the main reason for the popularity of fast food where big families require a lot of food at a lower cost.
10. West Virginia – Considered the fattest city in America, one third of adults in metro areas are considered obese. Huntington’s city alone has a listing of over 200 pizza joints, more than the number of health clubs and gyms in the entire state.

Fast Foods vs. Restaurant

CNN reports on an investigation comparing the health options to the dollar menu at most fast food places versus restaurant dining out.

Calories Consumed by Fast Food

1. Average American’s consume 11.3% of their total daily calorie intake from fast food.
2. The consumption of calories significantly decrease with age.
3. Non Hispanic blacks consumed a higher percentage of calories than non-Hispanic white and Hispanic individuals.
4. The percentage of total daily calories gained from fast food increase as weight status increase.

Calories Consumed by Age

A look at the percentage of calories consumed per day based on specific age groups and demographics.

Men – 11.8%
Women -10.9%
Both – 11.3%

Age 20-39
Men – 15.5%
Women – 15.1%
Both – 15.3%

Age 40-59
Men – 11.2%
Women – 9.7%
Both – 10.5%

Age 60 and over
Men – 6.6%
Women – 5.5%
Both – 6.0%

Frequency of Eating Fast Food

Once per week – 44%
Twice per week – 20%
Three or more per week – 14%
Seven per week – 6%
Never – 28%

Daily Nutrition Consumed

Daily calories – 37%
Daily carbs – 42.6%
Daily fat – 33.6%
Daily protein – 15.4%

Interesting Facts About Fast Food

1. McDonald’s feeds 45 million people around the world each day. This is more than the population of Spain.
2. Only 7 items on McDonald’s menu do not contain sugar.
3. Consuming a big mac, large fries, and large coke will require walking non stop for 6 hours to burn off the calories gained.
4. One fast food meal is equivalent to your daily requirement of calories.
5. French fries known as one of the unhealthiest foods are the most widely consumed form of vegetable in the United States.
6. Most children in America can recognize a McDonald’s before they even learn to speak.
7. The fast food culture has contributed to the 60% American obesity.

Characteristics and Traits of the Common Fast Food Goer

The below infographic looks at the common characteristics and traits of those that frequent fast food places. 59% of males tend to visit fast food restaurants regularly. Majority of these as well tend to just visit McDonald’s for the sake of ordering a fries and coke.

Fast Food Statistics and Trends

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