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27 Eye Opening Facts About Billionaires


Every year Forbes releases the list of billionaires across the world. The wealth of the billionaires is strictly judged in US dollars. This leads many billionaires in their local currency out of the list as the currency exchange rates simply don’t make them billionaires in US dollars. Since US dollar is the globally accepted currency for trade and commerce, it is perhaps a fair approach.

Forbes list of billionaires often spring up many surprises and at times offer some rude shocks. For instance, the first time that Mark Zuckerberg made it to the list, it was quite some frenzy and many people said that Forbes had gone overboard in calculating his wealth. But a few years later when Mark not only held onto his wealth but expanded it manifold up to twenty billions, several eyebrows were raised but no one got shocked because Forbes had this uncanny ability to accurately peg assets and wealth.

The 2014 Forbes Billionaire List – Facts & Figures, is a take on the present list of billionaires around the world and a few interesting highlights are being shared with you. If you are someone who intends to find out more about the wealthiest people, the wealthiest countries and those who had lost a fortune in the last one year then you will find these facts and figures quite interesting. If you are a number cruncher, like to have statistics at the tip of your fingers, like exploring some subtle realities that are encoded in statistics or numbers then you will find these facts and figures quite engaging.

The list of billionaires every year tells its own story. When a country like China has 152 billionaires and its neighboring India has 56, it tells you how China has progressed for the wealthiest. But India’s rise in the number of billionaires in the past years indicates another growth story for the wealthiest. The inclusion of billionaires from countries like Algeria, Lithuania, Uganda and Tanzania tells you that the world is on a path of economic development and growth.

At the same time, there are some longstanding billionaires who continue to be at the top, which just shows how robust their business is and how relevant their work has been through decades. Also, there are billionaires whose net worth dwindled just because the currency exchange rate nosedived.

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