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29 Cool China Social Media Statistics, Demographics and Trends

27 Cool China Social Media Statistics, Demographics and Trends

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Taping The Chinese Market

This infographic is one of the most powerful graphic display for marketing tools that is out there today. It has been used successfully in the United States to market products and services by companies like Google, Rosetta and their language learning products, Adidas, Quicken, and many more readily recognized brands.

User Statistics

China, which has 1,354,040,000 people, is the new internet market and the new source of income for any small or large company that wants to expand their market and revenue.

You might not be aware of the facts but more people in China have social media accounts than in the United States. The most recent data indicates that China has 597 million active social network users.

China User Trends

Chinese social network users are very active in ways that can make your company money. The average Chinese netizen follows eight brands almost daily and spends 46 minutes a day using social network sites.

Almost forty percent of Chinese internet shoppers make buying decisions based on social network recommendations from their internet friends.

The market from Chinese social networking sites does not mean just China. Eighty percent of Asia’s social network users use Chinese social networks to shop and communicate.


The majority of Asian social network users are under 40 years of age and are savvy to the nuances of social networking and branding using social networks. Seventy percent of Asia’s market is under 35 years old. The Chinese spend an average of 90 minutes a day on social media. 88% of Chinese social media users are active on at least one social media network.

In China your market is 57 percent men and 43 percent women that use social media at least once daily.

QZONE, Ten Cent Weibo, and Sina Weibo are the largest Chinese social networking sites with more than 300 million members each.

Benefits to Brands

So what does this all mean to your business that is not in China. Simple – more customers and more money. Social networking access in China is a bit more regimented by government that in most western countries but you will find it easy to create a site and begin marketing and branding your product or service to a probably untapped gigantic new market.

Experience and success in the West can help you develop the best possible presentation for selling in China and Asia. The company has already done most of the homework for you so selecting the right sites to start with and creating a social networking sales campaign that is appealing to Chinese and Asian customers will be easy for you.

In the last forty years a large part of the population in China has not only become tech savvy but has become economically secure enough to afford a diverse variety of goods and services that at one time were out of reach to them financially. Chinese people own and use more smartphones than any other nation.

Finding the right partner can be your doorway to a practically infinite potential for making more money through social networking in China and Asia.

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