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27 Catchy Slogans For Class of 2017

Graduating is a cause for celebration under any circumstances! It is a major achievement in a person’s life to graduate from anything, specifically high school or college. A good slogan can be a great uniting message for everyone and to help bring realism into the situation, that you did it! Here are some great slogans for the class of 2017 graduates.

Always Wear Your Thinking Cap And Your Party Shoes.
Don’t Cry Because It’s Over. Smile Because It Happened.
Dream It, Believe It, Become It.
Follow Your Dreams, Whatever Path They Lead You.
Graduation Is Not An End, It Is A Beginning.
If You Can Imagine It, You Can Achieve It.
I’m Outta Here!
It Doesn’t Matter How You Graduated, Only That You Did!
It’s A Beautiful Thing When A Career And Passion Come Together.
Oh The Places You’ll Go.
Shoot For The Moon. Even If You Miss, You Will Land Among Stars.
Step Aside While WE Rock The Scene. We’re The Class of 2017.
Success Is Not The Result Of Spontaneous Combustion. You Must Set Yourself On Fire.
Take Risks.
The Class Is About To Go Out The Window.
The World Isn’t Ending. We’re Just Taking Over.
There Are Far Better Things Ahead Than What You Leave Behind.
To Be Inspired Is Great, To Inspire Is Incredible.
To Infinity And Beyond.
Today Is Your Day. You’re Off To Great Places.
We Are The Only Class That Adds Up.
We’re Some Smart Cookies.
We’re The Class You Can’t Control.
Wherever you Go, Go With All Your Heart.
You Spend 113,880 Hours of Your Life For This. Enjoy It!
Your Mountain Is Waiting.
You’re Off And Away!

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