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26 Tips on Getting More Followers on Twitter

26 Tips on Getting More Followers on Twitter

20+ Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

• Ask people to follow you on Twitter.
• Tweet awesome content.
• Ask your followers to ReTweet you.
• Use #hashtags in some of your tweets.
• Reach out to your followers.
• Buy Twitter followers.
• ReTweet others the classic way.
• Email your contacts asking them to follow you.
• Unfollow people who do not follow you.
• Participate in trending topics.
• Add your Twitter profile in your email signature.
• Follow highly relevant people.
• Use a Tweet button in your blog posts.
• Engage with Twitter giants every day.
• Tweet often.
• Install a Twitter follow button.
• Interact with many others.
• Install a Twitter widget into your website.
• Write a guest post.
• Add yourself to Twitter directories.
• Link it up by building links to your profile.
• Participate in #FollowFriday.
• Host an online webinar.
• Do Postcasts.
• Put your Twitter name on your business card.
• Host a live in person tweet up.

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