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26 Things You Need to Know About Google Analytics


Google Analytics is your most useful ally when it comes to planning your next marketing project. When used by the right hands, this tool can get you a giant leap closer to your marketing success, helping you deliver your message to the right audience, or ensuring to trigger the right actions among your visitors. Let’s see a few things why you should consider mastering this powerful marketing tool, vital for your next marketing plan’s success.

1) Acquisition
If you know how to correctly read your data, you can bump into vital findings regarding your own visitors and future customers. Knowing their country of origin, the search engine they use, their preferred social media, or the places that made them stumble upon you, can help you plan your next campaign and focus on the most successful elements, that have already proved to generate you considerable traffic.

2) What are they doing?
Knowing what are your visitors doing can also make your life much easier. It can not only help you fine-tune your content or design, but behavioral analytics can also show you which are your most popular pages or where your visitors are spending the most of their time on your page. By analyzing your data, you can plan a better fitting website, matching your audience’s needs and interest

3) I hope they sign-up for my newsletter!
Google Analytics can also help you analyze your conversion metrics. The road from turning an ordinary visitor into a potential lead and a happy customer might be a bumpy one, but with high-quality reports at your hand, you can more easily fine-tune your page to get those sales you are after, or finally get 2,000 people subscribed for your daily marketing mail. Also, by creating and defining goals in Google Analytics, you can create your own conversion metrics and track them. Also, it’s easy and effective to create a simple ‘Thank you’ page, to track your progress and make it visible to your visitors.

4) Tons of options.
Besides the above-mentioned features, Google Analytics can help you improve the success of your project, or focus on separate aspects and elements of your page and fine-tune them. Functions like in-page analytics, key performance indicators, separate landing page analysis, or queries can get you closer to your desired project success, improve your search engine ranking, or optimize the details of your site to improve sales. Google Analytics provides you with an all-around solution for your next marketing project, bringing all vital metrics and information only a few clicks away.

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