27 Good Catchy Self Defense Business Names

One big thing that people tend to lack is the basic skills that are needed to defend themselves in hostile or dangerous situations. Taking the effort and time out to learn these life saving skills can be one of the smartest things that someone does. They can learn these skills from certified and experts in the field of defense of a self defense class or academy. Starting up your own self defense studio can make a big difference in your community, as well as make you a good profit. Here are some great examples of names, from existing self defense businesses, that you can use to model the name of your own facility.

360 Tactical Training
Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense
Black House Defense
Cobra Defense
Crescent City Self Defense Studio
Divas in Defense
Dynamic Self Defense International
Female Awareness
Foxy and Fierce
Fury Combat Systems
Gotham Self Defense Academy
Gracie Defense Academy
Guard Up
Houston Self Defense
Impact Personal Safety
McDuffy’s Self Defense Institute
Mousel’s Self Defense Academy
NYC Self Defense
Philly Self Defense
Robaina Self Defense Boot Camp
Stay Safe School of Defense
Technon Tactical Academy
The Family Self Defense Center
Ultimate Self Defense Studios
United Studio of Self Defense
Urban Jungle Self Defense
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios

She Fighter is a self defense group that developed with the goal of empowering women by teaching them to protect themselves. These techniques that are learned could very well save their life one day, and the entire concept is amazing.