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26 Catchy Anti Dating Violence Slogans

Domestic abuse is not only reserved for the adults of our world. Dating violence in teens is becoming a larger and larger problem as the time goes on. Educated girls and boys about what to do if they are being abused and the best ways to prevent it from happening at all are through fun and energetic campaigns that give them real resources. Slogans are great for posters and anti violence campaigns, but choosing one can be a challenge. Here are some great ones to give you ideas! Stop the violence!

Abuse Is A Crime! Not An Excuse.
Break The Cycle.
Domestic Violence Hurts More Than One Person.
Domestic Violence Prevention Begins With You.
End Violence. Refuse To Be Silent.
If You Abuse, You Lose.
If You Hit A Woman You Got Some Nerves, Abuse Is Not What She Deserves.
If Your Partner Is Violent, Don’t Be Silent.
It’s Time To Talks About.
Jealousy Can Lead To Felony.
Kindness Is A Great Trait. Never Abuse Your Mate.
Love Is Respect.
Love Shouldn’t Hurt.
No Means No!
Rape Is Not Respecting.
Real Men Don’t Hurt Women.
Shatter The Silence. Stop The Violence.
Silence Means No.
Take Back Your Voice. Take Back The Night.
There Is No Excuse For Domestic Abuse.
Together We Can Prevent Teen Dating Abuse.
Treat Her With Respect Is What We Expect.
Violence Is Not The Solution. It’s The Problem.
We Need Women, Treat Them Right.
Would You Hit Your Mother?
You Deserve More.

This amazing video was made by teens and for teens about the subject of domestic violence. It is a skit made to spread knowledge on the subject.

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