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25 Unique Academic Blog Names

Achieving academic success requires the ability to study and retain important information that will help you ace your next course. These great academic blog names from existing bloggers will provide you with great strategies to help you academic and collegiate success. These blogs serve as a great encouragement to one day launch your own blog and share your educational journey with others.

Academic Blog Names
Beyond the Doctorate
Diary of Dr. Logic
Explorations of Style
Feral Librarian
From PhD to Life
From The Lab Bench
Get a Life, PhD
Learning Scientists
Making Physics Fun
PhD Talk
Reciprocal Space
Scientist Sees Squirrel
Shut Up & Write Tuesdays
Surviving Science
The Comfort Pursuit
The Life Academic
The Mad Scientist Confectioner’s Club
The PhD Blog
The Research Whisperer
The Serial Mentor
The Skeptical Scientist
The Thesis Whisperer
Write, Publish, Thrive
Writing for Research

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