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25 Superb Ben Stiller Quotes

The son of veteran comedians, Ben Stiller is a known American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. Winning both an Emmy Award and multiple MTV Movie Awards, Stiller has a long list of successful films behind him. Here is a look at some of the best Ben Stiller quotes ever documented.

“I don’t devalue comedy as compared to drama. Not one bit.”

“I don’t have a burning desire to be taken seriously as an actor. I don’t have a master plan in that way.”

“I don’t think know if anything’s going to translate anywhere. You’re making a movie, you hope it’s going to be funny, you can’t think about how it’s going to go over.”

“I don’t think the public is dying to see me necessarily be funny all the time.”

“I enjoy the work I do in comedies. It’s a valid test of your creative abilities.”

“I grew up wanting to make movies, and along the way I suddenly found that I had a career doing comedy.”

“I have a lot of nervous energy. Work is my best way of channelling that into something productive unless I want to wind up assaulting the postman or gardener.”

“I love New York. I was sad, depressed and incredibly moved by our fellow countrymen and what they’ve done. I wanted to give people a chance to see something funny, have a distraction.”

“I think most politicians could take a dodgeball in the face.”

“I think people will be curious to see what I can do as a dramatic actor.”

“I would like to do more dramas when I find a good role that will allow me to politely upset people’s expectations of me as a comic actor.”

“If you look at my eyes when I’m dancing, you’ll see that glazed look.”

“I’m always willing to endure humiliation on behalf of my characters.”

“It was a mixed blessing to have famous parents. It was tough to go to auditions and be bad, since I couldn’t be anonymous.”

“I’ve had a very good career and I’m grateful that the public has had some level of acceptance and appreciation of my work.”

“Maybe forced retirement isn’t necessary after all.”

“My parents used to throw great New Year’s Eve parties. They invited such an eclectic mix of showbiz people. All those cool people were always hanging out at our apartment.”

“New Year’s, Great, Cool It was a mixed blessing to have famous parents. It was tough to go to auditions and be bad, since I couldn’t be anonymous.”

“Sometimes I wondered whether I hadn’t let my career get confined to one direction, but lately I’ve decided to accept the fact that I have this opportunity to be successful doing comedies.”

“The cliches are that it’s the most generic Starsky and Hutch plot you can find.”

“The failure of The Cable Guy impacted my career. I had to start writing and acting again.”

“There’s always an element of fear that you need to work a lot until people get sick and tired of you or finally figure out that you’re a fraud after all.”

“Very quickly after meeting Dustin, the whole image I had of him was shattered.”

“Whatever talent I had, I’m sure it helped that my parents were in the business and that I grew up around actors, comedians and directors.”

“You’re freaked out that you’re going to be having a child, and once you’re looking after your daughter, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.”

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