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25 Secrets to Writing a Best Selling Business Book


Writing a book is itself a daunting challenge. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, you will come across numerous problems, some in your mind which are merely beliefs or creation of your mind itself and some real which will have to be overcome should you wish to proceed.

The following infographic outlines the trends of ebook growth and how digital publishing has been providing new opportunities to consumers.

Digital Book Publishing Trends

Writing a book that can become a bestseller is an even more daunting challenge. Having penned a good book, you are yet to face production hurdles and marketing challenges. It is only after you can go through the rigors of publishing, signing up of a book deal and the elaborate relentless process that follows that you shall be able to see your book in print or in any other form on the racks, offline or online.

Jay Baer who is a bestselling author, speaker, social media and content strategy consultant, shares 25 secrets to write and market a book that can find a place on New York Times bestsellers and other renowned bestselling lists.

The info-graphic is a comprehensive guide for anyone who plans to write and get published. You may be writing because it is your passion, you may want to document your experiences and share your expertise and earned wisdom with others through your book or you may want to publish a book to further your career as a teacher, researcher, speaker, business coach or marketing professional among others. Regardless of the primary purpose of why you are writing a book or plan to write one, the 25 secrets will help you right from the start through the whole process to the very end of churning out a bestseller.

There are some best practices that writers should endorse. Having a marketing strategy in mind or at least having a presentation for publishers right at the outset becomes crucial for writers today. Publishers are looking for great content but they are actually looking for great content that they can sell. Publishers or editors are not necessarily sales experts and thus they need your presentation to be compelling and enticing enough so they believe that your book would sell. From the resources you need to make your writing experience more convenient and organized to signing book deals that will be rewarding, this slideshow sheds light on the entire nitty-gritty of writing a book and publishing one that would become a bestseller.

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