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21 Third Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

In the United States alone, the most popular day of the year for birthdays is October 5th. This places the time of conception to be on New Year’s Eve. In history, Jesus Christ holds the record for the most celebrating and well known birthday of all. The most popular month for birthdays are in August, with a total 21 million Americans celebrating during that month. To help inspire your creativity in celebrating a toddler’s third birthday, a selection of third birthday invitation wording ideas are compiled below. These are intended to encourage the creation of your own unique and special birthday invitation.

[name] is having a party because he’s turning 3. We are hoping that you’ll come to celebrate and see!

Balloons, clowns, and games are on the list for fun, hurry on over as the party has begun.

Cake and ice cream are so sweet. We are having party that’s sure to be a treat.

Come and enjoy our little princess’ 3rd birthday with us. We have lots of games and food, drinks and cake to share with you… and maybe a present or two.

Down on the farm, that’s where we will be. To celebrate with [name] as he/she turns 3.

Friends of the circle have gathered to say, join us celebrating [name] birthday.

Hey! It’s my birthday! Take note on that day. It’s my third strike this year So come and join me in this time of cheer.

Honk! Honk! Beep! Beep! Turning 3 is such a treat.

I’m having a birthday because I’m turning three. I’m hoping that you’ll come celebrate with me!

I’m only just getting started in life. You can be a part of it. Come to my 3rd birthday party!

I’m turning 3! So please come to my party. To make it filled with fun and glee!

It’s [name] third birthday, so please save the date! There’ll be pizza and cake. It’s going to be great!

Let’s celebrate our baby’s 3rd birthday. We prepared some treats for the day. Let’s have fun and dance all the way.

Let’s celebrate with [name] she’s turning three. A ballerina she wants to be!

My baby will soon turn three. And since you’re a friend of the family, we’re expecting you to join our party. Please come and let’s celebrate.

Our little muffin is celebrating her 3rd birthday. She’s excited to have you there, so don’t miss it.

Our little prince will be 3 soon, and he’s over the moon. You’re invited to the party. Join us to make him happy!

Our mommies are best friends, and so are we. So you need to join my birthday party! Come and let’s have fun!

Party! Party! Party! Come celebrate a night of fun and excitement as [name] turns 3.

We have cakes and drinks, and games and fun. Our little puppet is turning THREE! Join us for her birthday party. You won’t regret it, it’s a guarantee.

What a party it’s going to be. [name] is turning 3.

The following infographic provides a collection of interesting facts and statistics about birthdays in the United States. The popular birthday song was originally sung as “Good Morning to You” and now familiarized as Happy Birthday to you. It was created as a Kindergarten school song and remains copyrighted still to today. Additional history regarding birthdays can be found below.

Interesting Facts About Birthdays

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