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25 Most Popular Apps and Software Used by Freelancers


The Most Popular Free Lancer Tools

About 100 freelancers from different parts of the globe were contacted and asked what apps and software they would use the most, this article analyses their response.

The following observations were made from their responses
There is a heavy reliance on cloud based applications by freelancers. Among all the tools used, except for quickbooks which has both desktop and cloud applications, the rest are cloud based applications.

All freelancers deal with the same set of tools centered on cloud marketing, building, and productivity. Freelancers are very resourceful and are good at finding excellent tools that can be used to get the job done. Freelancers are not afraid to try out new solutions in getting the job done.

Top 25 Most Popular Software Used by Freelancers

1. Dropbox
2. Google Analytics
3. Gmail
4. Evernote
5. Google Apps/Docs
6. Google Calender
7. Mailchi
8. Hootsuite
9. iCloud
10. Basecamp
11. Mint
12. Google Voice
13. Quickbooks
14. Freshbooks
15. Prezi
16. Pivotal Tracker
17. Balsamiq Mockups
18. Google Alerts
19. GoToMeetings
20. BacthBook
21. Joomis
22. Posterous
23. Skitch
24. Django
25. Google Adwords

Bonus Tools for Freelances

These are not yet known to all, but are found commonly used among freelancers.

This app performs reports related to expenses through the importation of receipts from mobile phones and credit cards.

Small business accounting tasks can be automated using this tool. It organizes your account in a vary smart way.

Remember the milk:
This is a common To Do application used for mobile online management.

Free Agents:
This is an easy online account for owners of small businesses.

This is a very powerful software used for tracking invoicing online, it is also an excellent software for reporting.

16 Bugs:
This has a very productive interface and it is used for tracking bugs.

With respect to retargeting display adverts, this is a leader.

Capsule CRM:
For individuals and teams who want a sample of affordable solution, online CRM is ideal.

This is an app that captures anything seen on your computer screen, either as a short video or a picture and allows you share it instantly.

This survey was performed on 97 freelancers from different parts of the globe, with most of them from North America forming 57% of the sampled population, 27% are from Europe, 8% are Asians while 8% from other countries.

These freelancers were a representation of different industries. 44% are from Technology and Digital Media, 21% are from design and creative arts, 15% from professional services, 13% are from advertising and marketing while 7% come from
other industries.

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