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25 Keys to Banner Advertising Success

Banner advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing and promotions. Today, banner advertising has evolved, like any other medium, and has its presence in the real and the virtual world. Whether you are relying heavily on the print domain and billboards or you are solely banking on internet marketing, you need to engage in banner advertising.

The following infographic provides a guide on how to design an effective and successful banner ad.

Guide to Creating a Banner Ad

Understanding Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is not very difficult but you do have to get it right. There are more ways to go wrong with banner advertising than to get it right. 25 Best Practices in Banner Advertising is your guide to perfect a strategy that can have rewarding benefits for your enterprise.

First, banner advertising has to be purposeful and it should be relevant. Every marketing, advertising, promotional or branding campaign must have a message and this message must be conveyed with lucidity. You should have a solution or answer to a problem or question. Every product or service is a solution to a problem. People are looking for that solution and thus your messaging must relevantly connect the question and the answer.

How Banner Advertising Works

You must get to the point in banner advertising. There is no space for blurbs or irrelevant content. You must be precise, crisp, specific and helpful. Once this attribute is ensured in the content, you should cater to the visual senses. Banner advertising is all about grabbing the attention of the audience in a moment and then addressing the subject with panache. To make a banner visually impressive, you need to choose the right fonts, the right colours, the right design and the right layout. Now, what is the right layout doesn’t have a clear answer but there are proven ways to get it right. You can explore such proven ways and get some tips from the adjoining slideshow.

There are a few technical elements in banner advertising which you must attend to. For instance, the size of the banner, the resolution of the colours and fonts which will play a role in determining the size of the banner, the shape and form of the banner, are all technicalities which have to be ascertained depending upon where you are publishing or putting up the banners.

The content on the banner would be the biggest influencer. You need smart copies and catchphrases that can cater to the sensibilities of the audience. You should know who you are targeting and what you want them to do. A banner with content that doesn’t attract or grab one’s attention and doesn’t mention what one needs to do or is expected to do is going to be futile.

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