25 Clever Treasurer Slogans

Being treasurer is a very important job and responsibility. This person is in charge of handling all of the money and financial matters for whatever institution they are placed in charge of, which is nothing to take lightly. Getting voted as treasurer for your school and facility can be challenging because you have to show you are competent enough for the job. Here are some great slogans you can use to bring in those votes.

A Glorious Present and a Prospective Future.
A Vote Works Wonders.
Addition and Subtraction. He’ll Do The Transaction.
Count On Someone Who Can Count.
Did You Vote For Treasurer Yet?
I Got 99 Problems But Counting Ain’t One.
I Only Stand For Excellence.
I Will Treasure Your Vote
I’d Treasure Being Treasurer.
If It Doesn’t Make Dollars, It Doesn’t Make Cents.
It All Adds Up!
It Just Makes Cents!
Make Somebody Happy. Vote Me For Treasurer.
Make Your Vote Count!
Putting Plans Into Actions.
Spend Your Vote Wisely!
Stay Calm and Vote Me For Treasurer!
Turning Cents Into Dollars.
Two Four Six Eight! Vote For NAME, Don’t Be Late!
Vote For Change.
Vote For The Best, Don’t Get Stressed.
With Your Money, I’ll Be Wise.
You Can Bank On Me.
You Can Count On Me!

This adorable video was made by a middle school student who ran for treasurer of her grade. This was her campaign video that she used to show who she is and why she should be voted for.