45 Catchy Homecoming King Slogans

Homecoming is an exciting time for all highschool students around the country. It is the first big event of the school year, and one tradition that is still alive and well is the election of a homecoming king and queen. If you are running for king then it is very important to show just how much you stick out and are the best choice by having a super catchy slogan to put on your posters and campaign ads. Here are some clever ideas to give you ideas.

(Your Name) is the best. Forget the rest.
(Your name). Born To Be King.
_______ is the best homecoming King you can find ever.
________ for homecoming king, spread the word.
_______is the one who’ll make you proud.
A Homecoming King to be proud of.
Cast your ballot. Have you heard? (Your Name) for King. Spread the word.
Clap your hands. Say it loud. (Your Name) is the one who makes you proud.
Don’t be a sucker, vote for (your name).
Don’t be Confused, vote for _______for homecoming King.
Don’t be mean, make me King.
Eat Sleep & Vote _____ for Homecoming King
Free drinks on me!
Give me the crown I won’t let your down.
I am for homecoming King but I never act like princes.
I don’t always vote, but when I do it’s for (name).
I have heart. I have vision. Voting for me is a great decision.
I look like a King, huh?
I mustache you to vote for (your name).
I promise I will complete your dreams.
I will burst with excitement if you Vote for me.
I’m not smart or attractive, so just give me this one.
Just vote 4 _____ 4 homecoming King.
Keep Calm and Vote (Your Name) for Homecoming King.
King of the Jungle says:________ is the best choice.
Let me be the leader of this pack.
Let the good times roar! Homecoming 20XX.
Let your votes be counted. Vote for _______for Homecoming King.
Make somebody happy. Vote for (your name).
Oh I just can’t wait to be King.
Rumor has it that (your name) is running for Homecoming King.
Some people are Worth Voting for.
Stop horsing around and vote for (your name) for King.
The Homecoming King to make us PROUD!
Victoria’s real secret is that she voted for me for king.
Vote for (your name) because you’re worth it.
Vote for _______ who is so sweet.
Vote for _______, He’s First Rate.
Vote for me 4 homecoming King.
Vote for me for king and you will all be royalty.
We’ll vote for________ and so should you!
What do you mean you didn’t vote for (your name)?
When in doubt, Vote _____.
Why is grumpy cat so grumpy? He didn’t vote for (your name).
Your vote would be a real treat.

This hilarious video features a famous actor who was voted homecoming king when he was in highschool. He tells his comical story and all of the fun that he had because of it.