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24 Sixth Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

A child turning six can represent so much to a parent. At this age, your child will see their first day of school in Kindergarten and start to blossom into their own identity. Interests and maturity grow and continue to be enhanced by everyday experiences and influences. Celebrating the sixth birthday of a child should be a reflection of their interests and activities they enjoy at the time. To assist in your planning process, a selection of sixth birthday invitation wording samples are compiled below to encourage your own creativity.

[name’s] turning six and that takes the cake. So come and help us celebrate for goodness sake!

A birthday and a pool is all that it will take to plan a celebration and have a special cake!

A camouflage party with plenty of action and a birthday boy as the main attraction.

A day full of hotdogs. A day full of fun. Join us to celebrate and hit a home run! It’s [name] 6th Birthday!

A tractor and a birthday is all that it will take to plan a celebration and have a special cake!

Batter up! It’s time for the world series of birthday parties! [name] and [name] are turning 6.

Birthday cake and motor bikes are some of the things a six-year-old likes!

Cake to spare and too much fun to tally, a bowling party should be right up his alley.

Come join the celebration – It’s sure to be wild, We’re having a party for a very special child!

Fun and food and a hat full of tricks. Come join the party as [name] turns six!

Gowns, Crowns, and Castles, too, Nothing short of a Royal Celebration will do! Our little princess, [name] is turning six.

Hear ye, Hear ye. Calling all, calling one. Join me for some birthday fun! Princess [name] 6th Birthday Party!

It’s Tea Time! We’ll get dressed up and have some tea Oh what fun this party will be! Please join us to celebrate as [name] turns six.

Join us to jump, tumble & play, We’re celebrating [name] 6th Birthday!

Kick up your heels and celebrate at a birthday party that will really take the cake!

Let’s go to the movies! It’s [name] 6th Birthday And we’re going to see [movie name].

Lights, camera, action, We’ll have ice cream and cake. [name] is turning 6 and we’re having a movie party to celebrate!

Put on your best bib and tucker and saddle up your horse. You’re “wanted” at a party, for [name] 6th birthday, of course!

Six is a super age so help celebrate as [name] takes center stage!

Turning six is really great so come and help us celebrate!

We can hardly believe it, but another year is done so roll on over and help build a load of fun!

We’ll swing, we’ll bounce, We’ll Run and play. It’s time to celebrate [name] 6th Birthday!

Yo, Ho, Ho Come join the crew – We’re having a party and we need you!

You’re invited to a Very Mad Tea Party for [name] Birthday.

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