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24 Marvelous Chris Murray Quotes

Chris Murray is the author of, ‘The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club.’ Highlighting the seven rules of success to creating a sales foundation, Murray is a bestselling author and gives deeper meaning to each step along the way. Here is a look at some of the best Chris Murray quotes.

“Each step of your current journey will take you to new and interesting worlds of opportunity and as every intrepid explorer knows, when one visits strange new lands one must be aware of their customs.”

“Fascinatingly resilient the tenacity of a child. Not yet conditioned by society to give up when instructed to do so.”

“I will ask questions that are so wide and open they will feel the need to speak for a week. Then from the information that they give to me, I will mould solutions designed specifically for them.”

“In short, the difference between you and your doctor is that he has a well-designed reputation and you do not.”

“It’s not how I view being a salesman. It’s how I live being a salesman.”

“Listen to people from your heart, as if your life depended on it, and you will find that in turn people will listen to you with all of theirs.”

“Mark my words. Perception is reality and how someone perceives you is their reality.”

“Men constantly miscalculate what they can do in a day, and grossly underestimate what can be achieved in a year.”

“No one can mock your meagre achievements or inability to accomplish the simplest of tasks, if they remain figments of your imagination. You can revel, again and again, in the glory of a fairy tale doomed never to appear in reality.”

“Perception number one, how you want people to think about you when you arrive and perception number two, how you want them to talk about you once you have left.”

“Plans are easy to make, dreams are easy to dream. But putting your back into it? A little bit of hard graft and discipline? That is just too scary and far too much effort for the masses.”

“Spend your time designing the greatest reputation a man could possess.”

“Success would be a fairly boring and uninspiring dish if anybody could create it with a single ingredient, however difficult that ingredient was to find. No, success has several layers to its pallet. This is just the beginning.”

“The choices you make from this day forward will lead you, step by step, to the future you deserve.”

“The fact that you wish to become extremely successful must mean that you currently do not see yourself as such. Therefore, you need to change. The question you should be asking is what do you need to become?”

“The only time you have is the where and when of right now. There will always be good times, bad times, hard times, and complete disasters. However, there is no other option but to be where you are, when you are. That is a universal truth for everyone. The important thing is how you respond, what you decide to do, and when you decide to do it.”

“This next nugget of salesmanship cannot be perfected in a single afternoon. However, once you have it mastered, your competition will continuously believe you possess some mystical customer attracting formula.”

“Understand why you are different and how you help, recognise your target market, and give them something they might not even realise they are missing.”

“Whilst people have answered questions, I have only heard my own voice thinking of the next question.”

“Why do so many salespeople talk to customers about the product and not the result?”

“You can only see your current horizon. Every time you move nearer to your desired destination, new horizons will become clear. New, previously hidden, opportunities will come into view.”

“You can’t plough a field by turning it over in your mind. Either you get out there and plough it or it doesn’t get done.”

“You see continuous movement is the important thing here. Those who remain in one position and then lie to themselves about their progress are the ones in real trouble.”

“Young man, your problem and the reason so many like you fail, is simply because you allow yourself to give up far too early.”

Chris Murray takes some time to discusses how your attitude can negatively impact you from hitting your sales target and take advantage of amazing opportunities.

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