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23 Ways Social Media Contributes to Business Success

23 Ways Social Media Contributes to Business Success

Business Success and Building Size

There are many ways to determine if a business is successful, but is seems that in the United States the size of the building is infinitely important when determining the value and importance of any business. Growth is a fundamental concept that is essential to the success of any business and the United States is also notorious for believing and following the saying that “bigger is better”. Although there are successful businesses located all around the world, you can find the largest buildings in the United States.

Building Trends in the United States

Large buildings are needed, because as a business grows it must have space to expand. Therefore, the most successful businesses often have one commonality in having a large building. One of the largest buildings in the United States is the Willis Tower in Chicago, IL. This building has more than 108 stories and covers an amount of space that is equivalent to more than 77 football fields. This means that the Willis Tower is a ginormous building that houses many lucrative businesses. Other large business buildings in the United States include the Renaissance Center in Detroit, MI, which is 7 buildings in total and The McDermott building in San Antonio, TX. The McDermott building is more than a half mile long. This growing trend of large business buildings clearly shows that success is linked to building size.

Large Business Buildings Going Green

Although building size has become synonymous with success, most of the largest business buildings have put initiatives in place to establish green habits. This going green trend is common among all the largest business buildings and is accomplished through the use of green roofs and automatic lighting. The amount of energy saved every year by green initiatives is substantial.
The largest going green initiative has been implemented by the largest office building in the world. The Pentagon in Arlington, VA covers more than 29 acres of land. This building recently underwent a going green renovation that included adding recycled tiles and recycled paint. Even the largest and most successful businesses in the United Sates see a need to implement green initiatives and save resources.

Success in business is still linked to building size, but going green initiatives are quickly changing the way that buildings are constructed and renovated. The going green trend will only continue to increase among other businesses.

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