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23 Tips for Using Photos in a Blog Post


There are bloggers who make a ton of money. There are some blogs of companies that gain more traction than others. Celebrity blogs are likely to draw a chunk of the fan base. Hence, those blogs cannot really be compared with normal blogs. Why is it that some blogs get the desired traffic and most blogs fade into oblivion even without a trace?

Blogs can go viral but that doesn’t happen every day and certainly not with everyone. There are many things that make a certain blog or a blog post standout. Those can be called the secrets of a killer blog post. One of those secrets is image. With fascinating images, you can easily convert an ordinary blog post into a captivating one. Blog posts without images are passé. No one is interested in coming across a two thousand word blog post that has only words and no visual illustrations. Videos or graphics work well too but images are a simpler choice. It is not easy to produce videos and every blogger is not trained in graphics or web designing.

You can gauge the impact of images when you consider how you would react to a certain post. What attracts us the most when blog posts or links are shared? It is an image and then the headline. In some cases, the headline is more intriguing but then that context has to be unique and either extremely popular or very rare. For videos, it is a snapshot of a specific frame that attracts people online. For blog posts, it should be a relevant image.

In the associated info-graphic, you would discover the impact images can have on your blog post. Not only would you get more traction online but your traffic would keep on increasing by the virtue of shares, likes and comments. Blog posts with images generate much more interest and drive much more discussion than blog posts without images.

However, the secret alone will not make your blog the talk of the town overnight. You will have to obtain an image and ensure that it is not copyrighted. Else, you would have to come up with your own image. The images need to be good, they must have a desirable resolution which makes the image look appealing but it should not take forever to load and then there is the challenge to place the image at a perfect place on the webpage of the blog. Discover all these and more in the Secrets Of A Killer Blog Post: Images.

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