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23 Terrific Tim Leary Quotes

Timothy Leary is a writer and psychologist known for his advocacy of psychedelic drugs. He did experiments with these drugs at Harvard University and documented his experiences. Here are some of his most interesting quotes.

“Any reality is an opinion-we make up our own reality.”

“Art’s certainly made a lot of money, and got on a lot of shows — he got himself into the Nixon White House riding on the death of his daughter. And I think that’s ghoulish! That’s

“Civilization is unbearable, but it is less unbearable at the top.”

“Courage is the key to creativity and to any relinquishing of ego structure.”

“I am 100 percent in favor of the intelligent use of drugs, and 1,000 percent against the thoughtless use of them, whether caffeine or LSD. And drugs are not central to my life.”

“I have always considered myself, when I learned what the word meant, I’ve always considered myself a Pagan.”

“If you listen to neurologists and psychiatrists, you’d never fall in love.”

“If you want to move beyond hive-docility, you must become God the Moralist.”

“Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

“LSD is a psychedelic drug which occasionally causes psychotic behavior in people who have NOT taken it.”

“Of course, the drug does not produce the transcendent experience. It merely acts as a chemical key — it opens the mind, frees the nervous system of its ordinary patterns and

“Take responsibility for making your own life beautiful.”

“The goals of an intelligent life, according to Socrates, is to pursue the philosophic quest—to increase one’s knowledge of self and world.”

“The most important thing you do in your life is to die.”

“The PC is the LSD of the ’90s.”

“The universe is an intelligence test.”

“Think for yourself. Question authority.”

“We always have urged people: Don’t take LSD unless you are very well prepared, unless you are specifically prepared to go out of your mind. Don’t take it unless you have someone
that’s very experienced with you to guide you through it. And don’t take it unless you are ready to have your perspective on yourself and your life radically changed, because you’re
gonna be a different person, and you should be ready to face this possibility.”

“We are dealing with the best-educated generation in history. They are a hundred times better educated than their grandparents, and ten times more sophisticated. There has never been
such an open-minded group. The problem is that no one is giving them anything fresh. They’ve got a brain dressed up with nowhere to go.”

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.”

“You’re only as young as the last time you changed your mind.”

In this fascinating videos from the 1980’s, Tim Leary discusses his takes on death, drugs, and prisons.

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