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23 Marvelous Esther Hicks Quotes

Esther Hicks is an American inspirational speaker and author who has co-authored nine books with her husband Jerry. Focused on the laws of attraction and spiritual evolution, here are some memorable Esther Hicks quotes.

“Few realize that they can control the way they feel and positively affect the things that come into their life experience by deliberately directing their thoughts.”

“If something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason: You are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence.”

“If you want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon.”

“If you were able to see us as separate beings, you would see us as approximately one hundred beings.”

“It’s not just that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy. You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing. Energy-frolicking and eager.”

“Life Is Always in Motion, So You Cannot Be”Stuck””

“Look around less, imagine more.”

“Nothing will come into your experience unless you invite it through your thought—with emotional.”

“Rather than being so ready to jump into action to get the things that you want, we say think them into being; see them, visualize them, and expect them—and they will be.”

“Stop talking about the things that are bothering you so much.”

“That’s how the scientists discover new science. They start out with a hypothesis–an idea–and then others believe enough in the idea that they make it true.”

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.”

“The moment you say , , or , the skies will open for you and the non- physical energies begin instantly to orchestrate the manifestation of your desire.”

“The only way to consciously deactivate a thought is to activate another. In other words, the only way to deliberately withdraw your attention from one thought is to give your attention to another.”

“The standard of success in life is not the things or the money – the standard of success is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.”

“There is no desire that anyone holds for any other reason than that they believe they will feel better in the achievement of it.”

“There is so much more that is going right in your world than wrong.”

“Want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon. However, it is not often that you have.”

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

“You are actually pre-paving your future experiences constantly. … You are continually projecting your expectations into your future experiences.”

“You are creators, you make stuff up all the time.”

“You are here for the experience of joyful expansion. It was by the power.”

“You can literally script any life that you desire, and the Universe will deliver to you the people, places, and events just as you decide them to be.”

Here is an interview with Jerry and Esther Hicks as they discuss the Third Eye Awakening and moving in the fourth and fifth dimension.

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