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23 Early Morning Routines of Millionaires


Here are some essential takeaways to be considered with this infographic.

1) Exercise Is Definitely Something That Is Worth Considering.
Take a look at some of the most inspirational people of our times. An impressive majority of them include some form of exercise in their morning routine. The exercise varies from one person to the next. Barack Obama prefers a cardio and weight routine, while Richard Branson likes to begin his day with early morning exercise, before spending time with his family. Roger Iger is another fan of early morning exercise, while Anna Wintour of Vogue enjoys tennis first thing in the morning. Arianna Huffington tends to start off the day with yoga and meditation.

2) Family Time Is Important Time, As Well.
Not surprisingly, family is a close second to exercise, when it comes to how some of the most powerful people in the world get their day started. Many of the most successful and inspirational make it a point to include their families in their early morning routines. For many people, the preference is to first exercise, and then devote a certain portion of the morning to their families.

3) Email Is Naturally Significant.
Given that many of the most powerful and important people in the world hold that significance from their connections and professional success, it’s obviously important to stay on top of the game. Many of the most successful people in the world make it a point to devote their mornings to getting caught up on email. However, no one can say whether the emails are personal or work-related. The main point of checking email in the morning seems to involve clearing the deck for the remainder of the day and evening.

4) Current Events.
It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone that many of the most successful and inspirational people in the world use the morning to get caught up on current events. Studies continue to make it clear that people who engage current events from a range of sources tend to be more well-informed and intelligent than those who do not.

5) Leave Your Mornings To The Essentials.
Define the essential elements to your physical, emotional, and even spiritual well being. Embrace activities that enhance one or more of these things, while also allowing you to center and focus on having the best, most productive day that you can possibly have. Music, exercise, reading, pet time, and even meditation are all distinctive possibilities.

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