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25 Concierge Industry Statistics and Trends

Concierge Industry Statistics

Concierge services are becoming more popular among small business start-ups. These services normally encompass assistance in hotels, apartments, and office buildings for personal services. Concierges are used for messages, making arrangemments, assisting with acquiring business services, housekeeping, and maintenance. This industry is worth more than $297 million in annual revenue each year. The following statistics are provided by the United States Department of Labor.

National Estimates for Employment

1. Total employment for industry: 25,880
2. Average Hourly Wage: $14.09 (Low $8.71/High $21.42)
3. Average Annual Wage: $29,310 (Low $18,110/High $44.550)

Top Paying Industry for Services

A listing of the top 5 paying industries for concierge services.

4. Management of Companies and Enterprises
5. Legal Services
6. Lessors of Real Estate
7. Offices of Physicians
8. Business, Professional, Labor, Political, and Similar Organizations

Industries with Highest Employment

A listing of the top 5 industries with highest concentrated employment for concierge services.

9. Travel Accommodations
10. Lessors of Real Estate
11. Activities Related to Real Estate
12. Other Personal Services
13. Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly

Present Day Hospitality

A podium of industry experts offering present day perspectives of the hospitality industry.

Top States with Employment

A listing of the top 5 states for concierge employment.

14. New York
15. Texas
16. Florida
17. California
18. Virginia

Top Paying States

The top 5 states with higest paying concierge positions.

19. New York
20. District of Columbia
21. Hawaii
22. California
23. Nevada

Hospitality Industry Social Media Marketing

Statistics of how the hospitality industry is interacted with among consumers. This information is useful for gaining insight on several social media marketing strategies that can be deployed to connect and engage prospective customers.

Hospitality Industry and Social Media

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