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13 Christian Music Industry Statistics and Trends

Christian Music Industry Statistics

In 2012, overall music sales saw a 3.10% increase from the year before with a total of 1.66 billion albums, singles, music videos, and digital tracks sold. For the Christian music industry and genre, the following sale statistics occurred in 2012.

Christian Genre Sales

Total Album Sales: 22.9 million
Digital Album Sales: 5.3 million
Digital Track Sales: 34.4 million

Christian Music Industry Segment

Pop/Adult Contemporary – 23%
Black Gospel – 20%
Rock – 16%

Twitter and the Music Industry

A discussion of the influence Twitter has within the music industry.

5 Facts About Christian Music Industry

1. Christian/Gospel music is considered one of the fastest growing areas in recorded music history.
2. Total music sales are more than a half billion annually.
3. There are more than 1,400 radio stations and 80 million listeners of Christian/Gospel music.
4. Listeners age 12 and up spend an average of 9 hours per week with Christian/Gospel radio programming formats.
5. 73% of Christian/Gospel listeners are 25-54 year old and account for more than 50% of all record sales.
6. Women 25-44 define the core Gospel/Christian music consumer.
7. Major mainstream brands such as Pepsi MidAmerica, Cracker Barrel, Allstate, NASCAR and McDonald’s, among others, have aligned with Gospel/Christian artists, releases and festivals and events to promote their brands.

The Christian Marketplace

The following infographic takes a look at the Christian book industry. There are approximately 4.63 billion sales of Christian media from books and movies to other merchandise.

Christian Marketplace

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