25 Catchy Identity Theft Company Slogans

According to the FTC, Florida sees the highest per capita rate of identity theft. Millions are Americans are at risk each day to fall victim to identity theft. Luckily, there are companies out here that will alert the individual immediate if any unusual transactions occur to prevent further damage. A selection of the best slogans from current identity theft companies are provided below to help encourage other service providers with creating their own unique tagline.

#1 in Identity Theft Protection.
A World of Insight.
Do You Know If You Are a Victim of Identity Theft Right Now?
Guarantee Your Good Name.
Help Guard Your Identity.
Identity Secured.
Identity Theft Can Happen Anywhere.
Keeping Identities Safe.
Live in the Know.
Power Protection. Rapid Response.
Proactive Identity Theft Protection.
Protect What Matters Most.
Protect Your Company and Your Customers.
Protection For Your Digital Life.
Secure Your Credit and Identity.
Start Protecting Your Identity Today.
Stop Identity Theft Before It Happens.
Stop Identity Theft in its Tracks.
True Identity Protection.
We are working to protect the identity of every American.
We’ve Got You Covered.
We’ve Got Your Back.
Worry less. Live More.
Your Identity Goes Everywhere.
You’re In Control.

The following video goes on to highlight the top five ways individuals fall victim to identity theft. By spreading these top risks, individuals can be more prepared and educated in ways to help themselves prevent identity theft.