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22 Thirtieth Birthday Invite Wording Samples

Turning 30 is cause for a birthday party celebration. Making your way into your third decade means life is on the path of settling down some more and finding balance. Your health and habits may start to change as you look more towards planning for the future. A collection of thirtieth birthday invite wording samples will help to get you inspired to plan your special event.

30th birthday is near, I’m invited all my dear, To come and have some beer. Sharing the fun and cheer.

Are feeling hot? A party, why not? Come to my birthday to be cool, We will be dipping in a swimming pool.

Are you in for a disco party? Then come and join me. I’m celebrating my birthday. I’m turning 30!

Come celebrate one wonderful man. A surprise party is the elaborate plan! So if he asks, you must tell lies, Spilling the secret would not be wise! We’ll laugh a lot and have some fun, [name] will surely remember this one!

Dinner and cocktails In the house Come to my party I’ll be having my 30th birthday bash!

Friends, I’ll be having a party, Time to celebrate as I turn 30. Don’t worry guys, I’m not so picky. Gifts are accepted, even cash and money.

Get dress and hurry up We will have a party all night Come and join the fun.

I believe that age is just a number But I couldn’t help but wonder It’s my 30th year on earth A lot has happened since my birth. I want to celebrate this day with you I hope you can come.

I can’t believe it I’m almost thirty! So let’s get the party started There’s still a lot of fun ahead.

I’m turning 30, I’ll be throwing a party. Friends and family are welcome. Make sure you will come.

It is birthday party as I turn 30 you’re invited to join and celebrate If you can’t join me on that day You may have to pay a fine.

It’s great to celebrate will soon turn 30. Join us on 30th Birthday Bash.

It’s great to party under the sun. Surely it’ll be filled with fun. Get your swimsuits ready I’ll be throwing my 30th birthday party.

It’s time to bid goodbye to 20’s I’m ready to face 30’s. Be with me as I welcome the new chapter of my life, so Let’s party!

Let’s have some beer! We will have some pizza and drinks as well. Let’s have party tonight.

Look who is going to turn 30! You are invited to join the fun!

Mark this date, I’ll celebrate my birthday, It will be cool and wild, If you will be there to jive!

Put on your tie, Slip on your dress. It’s [name’s] Birthday so let’s dress to impress.

Spring has sprung and bees are humming! We’re having a party and hope you’re coming!

We’re planning a surprise party for Come and join us.

We’ll be chippin’, dippin’, and margarita sippin’ as we celebrate [name] 30th Birthday.

You are invited to my 30th Birthday Bash! I’ll be checking your attendance, so come join us!

The below infographic offers insight to the health and fitness for those making their way into their 30’s. Adults over 30 require 200 calories less than they did in their 20’s and may see an average gain of 1 pound a year. Get at least 6 but no more than 8 hours of sleep and perform 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

Staying Fit in Your 30s

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