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22 Mind-Boggling Smartphone User Demographics

Just a decade ago, the idea of owning a smartphone was something that was more a novelty than anything else. Today, however, smartphones have become portable computer and photography centers that allow people to be productive wherever they have a cellular connection.

64% of American adults own at least one smartphone right now.

A smartphone is like having a cell phone, an e-reader, and a tablet all on an easily portable device. When all of these devices are combined together, just about everyone has something that allows them portable data access with the functions of a smartphone. The love affair we all have with technology, however, is really still in its infancy stages.

Our Dependence on Smartphones

  • Two-thirds of smartphone owners state that they constantly find themselves checking for emails or messages even if their phone hasn’t alerted them to a new message.
  • 44%. That’s the percentage of smartphone owners who keep their device next to their bed so they don’t miss calls, updates, or texts.
  • The percentage of smartphone owners who say their device is something that they couldn’t live without: 29%.
  • 7% of smartphone owners are completely dependent on their device for access to the internet on a regular basis.
  • Despite the access to data, the most common use of a smartphone is to send or receive texts [81% of users]. 49% use their smartphones to get directions. Only 8% admit using their device to check-in at their locations.
  • 30% of smartphone owners have their mobile social media profiles setup to display the location of their status update, tweet, or post.
  • 93% of smartphone owners in the 18-29 age demographic state that they use their device to avoid boredom.

Smartphone owners are experiencing the benefits of technology every day. They can stay in touch with family and friends easily, work from wherever they happen to be, and have a social outlet that may be needed. There is so much connection today through smartphones and mobile devices, in fact, that there sometimes seems like there isn’t any time for solitude. That may change how we all interact with each other over the coming years as smartphone ownership increases.

Who Owns a Smartphone?

  • Hispanics [92%] are more likely to have a cell phone, including a smartphone, than African-Americans or Caucasians [90%].
  • 15% of Americans ages 18-29 are heavily dependent on a smartphone for online access.
  • 12% of African Americans and 13% of Latinos are dependent on their smartphones, compared with 4% of whites.
  • Having an annual household income of less than $30k makes a smartphone more likely to be dependent on their device for data access.
  • 85%. That’s the percentage of young adults who own a smartphone. 34% of this group have applied for at least one job on their device.

Smartphones are more popular with young adults, but this may because of the presence of more discretionary spending money being available. With smartphones becoming more affordable than every before, however, these demographics may shift in the coming years to be equalized along all age demographics.

Why Are Smartphones Used Today?

  • The percentage of smartphone users who use their device to follow breaking news events at some point during the week: 68%.
  • 67% use their phone to share pictures, videos, or commentary about events happening in their community.
  • 56% use their phone at least occasionally to learn about community events or activities.
  • 18% of smartphone users have submitted a job application with their device.
  • 44%. That’s the percentage of smartphone owners that have used their device to look up real estate listings or sought out information about finding a new rental home.
  • 11% use their phone at least occasionally to reserve a taxi or car service.
  • 1 in 4 smartphone owners use their device to get information about local public transit options.
  • 88% of smartphone owners used email services at least once per week on their device.
  • Younger users are 2x more likely to use social networking options through their smartphones compared to owners that are in the 50+ age demographic.

The benefits of owning a smartphone are clear. It makes the modern life more accessible. Even so, there may be some burnout beginning to occur. 54% of smartphone owners say that their device isn’t always needed. 1 in 5 smartphone owners say that their device is a financial burden. Even 7% of owners say that their device is annoying. As technology continues to evolve, so will the smartphone and that means these smartphone demographics could dramatically change in the next 5 years.

Worldwide Smartphone Usage

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