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22 Great Catchy Cremation Business Names

The process of cremating a deceased person is relatively simple, and is a much needed service. Funeral services are profitable because they will not go out of demand any time soon. If you are thinking of jumping into the world cremation and other funeral services than choosing a tasteful and catchy name is essential. Here are some wonderful example of cremation business names to give you an idea.

Abba Cremation & Mortuary
All Faith Cremation
All Souls Chapel and Crematory
Bagnell & Son Funeral Services
Cremate Texas
Cremation Alliance of Texas
Cremation Center of Florida
Cremation Society of Texas
Crestwood Cremation and Funeral Services
Direct Cremation Company
Forest Park Funeral Home and Crematorium
Fresh Pond Crematory
Greenwich Village Funeral Services
Harry McKneely Cremation
Heart of Texas Cremation and Burial Services
Loved Ones Cremation
Metropolitan Funeral Services
National Cremation Services
New York Heights Cremation
North Texas Cremations
Van Orsdel Cremation Services

This business profile is about a funeral services company that offers cremation as one of their options. He explains what it is like to work with them, which gives you an idea of what people are looking for in this type of service.

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