22 Great Catchy Correction Officer Slogans

Correction officers are the brave people that care for and maintain the prisoners that are in our countries prisons. The jobs of these men and women are very dangerous, and no other job can compare. There is a lot of pride to be taken in being a correctional officer, and a t shirt or poster with a slogan proclaiming it out loud is a great way to show the world just how awesome you are.

Outnumbered 220 to 1 and They All Hate Me. How Was Your Day?
No Guns. Just Guts.
You Nail Em, We Jail Em.
We’ll Leave The Light On For You.
Nothing Personal, All Business.
Corrections. A Career of Courage.
We Must Be Doing Something Right. Look At All These Repeat Customers.
Care, Custody, And Control.
Fair, Firm, And Consistent.
I’m In Prison 8 Hours A Day.
I Love My Job. The Customer Is Never Right.
Correction Officers Do It Correctly.
Half Correction Officer. Half Rockstar.
Correctional Officers Do It With Handcuffs.
Proud To Be A Correctional Officer.
You Don’t Scare Me. I’m A Corrections Officer.
I See Guilty People.
Correctional Officer. Only Because Bad A** Isn’t A Job Title.
Corrections: Our Bars Are Open 24/7.
Sleep Good Tonight. I’ll Keep Your Nightmares In Their Cells.
God Made Corrections Offices So Policeman Would Have Heroes.

This incredibly interesting video documents the day in the life of a correctional officer. He walks through all of the things that he deals with on a daily basis.